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           Seventeenth call for book reviewers
           Issued February 1999
          (Previous list issued June 1998)
DISCOURSE AND SOCIETY ["D&S"]is a journal founded in July
1990, editor Teun van Dijk, University of Amsterdam;
publisher: Sage. It has attracted over 750 subscribers,
and is central to the rapidly expanding field of
discourse analysis. DISCOURSE STUDIES ["DST"] is a new journal,
edited by Teun van Dijk, launched by Sage in 1999.

The titles listed below are available for
review in either journal. You may offer to review a single
item or several items in a joint review. Joint
reviews are encouraged wherever appropriate.
On receiving a book you will be asked to judge its
relevance to D&S or DST. There are three
categories to choose from:

     1. Books apparently central to the concerns of
     D&S or DST.

     2. Books which address an area to which discourse
     analysis has contributed. If having requested such a
     book, you find it not relevant to the journal's
     interests, please report this to the review editor
     who may permit you to keep the title without review.

     3. Books which appear marginal to the concerns of
     D&S or DST. You may request these titles
     on the basis that if they are  relevant to the
     journal's interests you will review them but if not,
     you will keep them without review.

1. Titles previously circulated

Aston, G. and L. Burnard. (1997) The British National Corpus Handbook:
exploring the BNC with SARA.  Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.
Edinburgh: University Press.
Ayim, M. (1997) The Moral Parameters of Good Talk: a feminist analysis.
Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
Bayer, B. and J. Shotter, ed. (1998) Reconstructing the Psychological
Subject.   Inquiries in Social Construction.  London: Sage.
Bell, A. and P. Garrett, ed. (1997) Approaches to Media Discourse.
Oxford: Blackwell.
Carlsson, U. and C. v. Feilitzen, ed. (1998) Children and Media Violence.
Goteborg, Sweden: Nordicom: Nordic Information Centre for Media and
Communication Research.
Coupland, N. and A. Jaworski, ed. (1997) Sociolinguistics: a reader and
course book.    London: Macmillan.
Dimbleby, R. and G. Burton. (1998) More than Words: an introduction to
communication.   3rd ed.  London: Routledge.
Fenton, N., A. Bryman and D. Deacon. (1998) Mediating Social Science.
London: Sage.
Hansen, A., S. Cottle, R. Negrine and C. Newbold. (1998) Mass Communication
Research Methods.   London: Macmillan.
Harre, R. (1998) The SIngular Self: introduction to the Psychology of
Personhood.   London: Sage.
Herrick, J. A. (1997) The Radical Rhetoric of the English Deists: the
discourse of skepticism, 1680-1750.   Columbia, SC: University of South
Carolina Press.
Kristine L., F. (1998) Speaking Relationally: culture, communication, and
interpersonal connection.   New York/London: Guilford Press.
Livia, A. and K. Hall, ed. (1997) Queerly Phrased: language, gender and
sexuality.   Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics.  Oxford: University Press.

McWilliam, E. and P. G. Taylor, ed. (1996) Pedagogy, Technology, and the
Body.    New York: Peter Lang.
Parker, I., ed. (1998) Social Constructionism, Discourse and Idealism.
London: Sage.
Paulston, G., M. Liebman and J. V. Nicholson-Goodman. (1996) Mapping
Multiple Perspectives; research reports of the University of Pittsburgh
Social Cartography project, 1993-1996.  Pittsburgh, PA: Department of
Administrative and Policy Studies (APS).
Paulston, R. G., ed. (1998) Social Cartography: mapping ways of seeing
social and educational change.    New York/London: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Rapport, N. (1997) Transcendent Individual: towards a literary and liberal
anthropology.   London: Routledge.
van Ginneken, J. (1998) Understanding Global News: a critical introduction.
London: Sage.
Vaughan, G. (1997) For-Giving: a feminist criticism of exchange.   Austin,
TX: Plain View Press.
Wichmann, A., ed. (1997) Teaching and Language Corpora.   Applied
Linguistics and Language Study.  London: Longman.

2. Discourse and Society - New titles

Aggleton, P., ed. (1999) Men Who Sell Sex.    London: UCL Press.
Antaki, C. (1998) Identities in Talk.   London: Sage.
Arksey, H. (1998) RSI and the Experts: the construction of medical
knowledge.   London: UCL Press.
Arminen, I. (1998) Therapeutic Interaction: a study of mutual help in the
meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.   Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University
Center of Alcohol Studies.
Berman, L. (1998) Speaking through the Silence: narratives, social
conventions, and power in Java.   Oxford: University Press.
Blommaert, J. and J. Verschueren. (1998) Debating Diversity.   London:
Calvet, L.-J. (1998) Language Wars and linguistic politics.   Oxford:
University Press.
Carbo, T. (1995) El  discurso parlamentario mexicano entre 1920 y 1950.   2
vols.  Mexico City: El Colegio de Mexico.
Chilton, P., M. V. Ilyin and J. L. Mey, ed. (1998) Political Discourse in
Transition in Europe 1989-91.    Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Chimombo, S. M. (1996) The Culture of Democracy: language, literature, arts
and politics in Malawi, 1992-94.   Zomba, Malawi: WASI.
Clough, P. T. (1998) The Ends of Ethnography: from realism to social
criticism.  Counterpoints.  Bern/New York: Peter Lang.
Conley, J. M. and W.M.O'Barr, ed. (1998) Just Words: law, language, and
power.    Chicago: University Press.
Downes, W. (1998) Language and Society: second edition.   Cambridge:
University Press.
Downey, G. L. (1998) The Machine in Me: an anthropologist sits among
computer engineers.   London: Routledge.
Edwards, J., ed. (1998) Language in Canada.    Cambridge: University Press.
Eliasoph, N. (1998) Avoiding Politics: how Americans produce apathy in
everyday life.   Cambridge: University Press.
Elwood, W. N., ed. (1999) Power in the Blood: a handbook on AIDS, Politics,
and Communication.    Mahwah, NJ/London, UK: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Feldman, O. and C. d. Landtsheer, ed. (1998) Politically Speaking: a
worldwide examination of language used in the public sphere.    Westport,
CT/London, UK: Praeger.
Fierlbeck, K. (1998) Globalising Democracy.   Manchester: University Press.
Flowers, A. (1998) The Fantasy Factory: an insider's view of the phone sex
industry.   Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
Henwood, K., C. Griffin and A. Phoenix, ed. (1998) Standpoints and
Differences: essays in the practice of feminist psychology.   Gender and
Psychology.  London: Sage.
Hirsch, S. F. (1998) Pronouncing and Persevering: gender and the discourses
of disputing in an African Islamic court.   Chicago: University Press.
Hoover, S. M. (1998) Religion in the News: faith and journalism in American
public discourse.   London: Sage.
Itskhokin, A. (1998) Containing the West: the sense, nonsense and anathema
of "democracy".   Moscow: Moscow Philosophical  Foundation.
Kenneth H. Tucker, J. (1998) Anthony Giddens and Modern Social Theory.
London: Sage.
Knobel, M. (`1998) Everyday Literacies.   Bern/New York: Peter Lang.
Locke, S. (1999) Constructing "the Beginning".   Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence
Erlbaum Associates.
McChesney, R. W., E. M. Wood and J. B. Foster, ed. (1998) Capitalism and
the Information Age: the political economy of the global communication
revolution.    New York: Monthly Review Press.
McLeod, J. (1997) Narrative and Psychotherapy.   London: Sage.
Millar, M. S. (1998) Cracking the Gender Code.   Toronto: Second Story Press.
Murphy-Lawless, J. (1998) Reading Birth and Death: a history of obstetric
thinking.   Cork: University Press.
O'Connell, S. (1998) The car in British society: class, gender, and
motoring, 1896-1939.   Manchester: University Press.
Pauwels, A. (1998) Women Changing Language.   London: Longman.
Philips, S. U. (1998) Ideology in the Language of Judges: how judges
practice law, politics, and courtroom control.   Oxford: University Press.

Rapport, N. and A. Dawson, ed. (1998) Migrants of Identity.    Oxford: Berg.
Rayner, S. and E. L. Malone, ed. (1998) Resources and Technology.   Human
Choice and Climate Change.  Columbus, OH: Battelle Press.
Rayner, S. and E. L. Malone, ed. (1998) The Societal Framework.   Human
Choice and Climate Change.  Columbus, OH: Battelle Press.
Rayner, S. and E. L. Malone, ed. (1998) Tools for Policy Analysis.   Human
Choice and Climate Change.  Columbus, OH: Battelle Press.
Rayner, S. and E. L. Malone, ed. (1998) What have we learned?   Human
Choice and Climate Change.  Columbus, OH: Battelle Press.
Schieffelin, B. B. (1998) Language ideologies: practice and theory.  Oxford
Studies in Anthropological Linguistics.  Oxford: University Press.
Shuy, R. W. (1998) Bureaucratic Language in government and business.
Washington, DC: Georgetown University  Press.
Siegel, J. T. (1998) A New Criminal Type in Jakarta: counter-revolution
today.   Durham, NC: Duke U.P.
Talbot, M. M. (1998) Language and Gender: an introduction.   Oxford: Polity.
Torres, S., ed. (1998) Living Colour: race and television in the United
States.    Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Travers, M. (1997) The Reality of Law: work and talk in a firm of criminal
lawyers.   Aldershot, UK: Dartmouth.
Travers, M. and J. F. Manzo, ed. (1997) Law in Action: ethnomethodological
and conversation analytic approaches to law.    Aldershot, UK: Dartmouth.
Unger, R. K. (1998) Resisting Gender.   London: Sage.

3. Discourse Studies - New titles

Bell, M. M. and M. Gardiner, ed. (1998) Bakhtin and the Human Sciences.
London: Sage.
Chambers, J. K. and P. Trudgill. (1998) Dialectology.   Cambridge:
University Press.
Clair, R. P. (1998) Organizing Silence: a world of possibilities.   Albany,
NY: SUNY Press.
Cmejrkova, S., J. Hoffmannova, O. Mullerova and J. Svetla, ed. (1998)
Dialoganalyze VI (texts in German, French, English).   Beitrage zur
Dialogforschung.  Tubingen: Max Niemeyer Vlg.
Cubitt, S. (1998) Digital Aesthetics.   London: Sage.
Flick, U., ed. (1998) The Psychology of the Social.    Cambridge:
University Press.
Habermas, J. (1998) On the Pragmatics of Communication.   Oxford: Polity.
Handelman, D. (1998) Models and Mirrors: towards an anthropology of public
events.   Oxford: Berghahn Books.
Hodge, B. and K. Louie. (1998) The Politics of Chinese Language and
Culture.   London: Routledge.
Hyland, K. (1998) Hedging in Scientific Research Articles.   Amsterdam:
John Benjamins.
Keller, R. (1998) A Theory of Linguistic Signs.   Oxford: University Press.
Kroeber, K. (1998) Artistry in Native American Myths.   Lincoln, NE:
University of Nebraska Press.
Kurzon, D. (1998) A Tale of Two Remedies: equity, verb aspect, and the
Whorfian Hypothesis.  Legal Semiotics Monographs.  Liverpool: Deborah
Markel, N. (1998) Semiotic Psychology.   Bern/New York: Peter Lang.
Meer, D. (1998) Der Prufer ist nicht der Konig: mundliche
Abschlussprufungen in der Hochschule.   Tubingen: Max Niemeyer Vlg.
Mills, M. A. (1998) Narrative Identity and Dementia: a study of
autobiographical memories and emotions.   Aldershot: Ashgate.
Myers-Scotton, C., ed. (1998) Codes and Consequences: choosing linguistic
varieties.    Oxford: University Press.
O'Dowd, E. M. (1998) Prepositions and Particles in English: a
discourse-functional account.   Oxford: University Press.
Pennycook, A. (1998) English and the discourses of colonialism.   London:
Petrucci, A. (1998) Writing the Dead: death and writing strategies in the
Western tradition.   Stanford, CA: University Press.
Sharples, M. (1999) How we Write: writing as creative design.   London:
Silverman, D. (1998) Harvey Sacks: social science and conversation
analysis.   Oxford: Polity.
Titscher, S., R. Wodak, M. Meyer and E. Vetter. (1998) Methoden der
Textanalyse: leitfaden und Uberblick.   Opladen/Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher
Tracey, K. (1997) Colloquium: dilemmas of academic discourse.   Norwood,
NJ: Ablex.
Tsitsipis, L. D. (1998) A Linguistic Anthropology of Praxis and Language
Shift: Albanian and Greek in contact.   Oxford: University Press.
Velody, I. and R. WIlliams, ed. (1998) The Politics of Constructionism.
London: Sage.
Yaguello, M. (1998) Language through the Looking Glass: exploring language
and linguistics.   Oxford: University Press.


If you have not reviewed books for D&S/DST before, please
accompany your request with the following information,
briefly indicated on a single letter-headed page:

      Institutional address
      Email address
      Special interests in the field
      Recent publications
      Recent reviews published

Reviewers should aim at a length of only 600
words, a little more for joint reviews. Reviews should be
submitted within three months. Further particulars will
be sent to you with the book(s).

Brian Torode
Reviews Editor
Discourse Studies/Discourse & Society
Department of Sociology
Trinity College
Dublin 2

         Brian Torode
         Trinity College
         Dublin, 2, Ireland
         btorode at

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