NB: About the use of REPLY

Teun A. van Dijk teun at HUM.UVA.NL
Fri Oct 8 18:16:44 UTC 1999


Sorry to bother you with a technicality about the CRITICS-L list.

I just discovered (after my own message to a subscriber) that the new
listserv program was set to handle the use of a REPLY different than we
did with the previous system: in the new system your REPLY to someone
posting a message goes to the whole list, and not just to the sender of
the message.

This might facilitate debate, but I find the automatic REPLY-TO-THE-LIST
very dangerous -- it simply happens so often that someone thinks to
respond (sometimes quite personally) to a sender and later discovers the
reply went to the whole list...

So delving into the (voluminous) documentation that goes with the new
listserv system, I changed that setting (I hope), and replies now go
automatically ONLY to the sender of a message when you press the REPLY

So, if you want to respond to a message to the WHOLE LIST, you must
explicitly SEND it to the whole list (and NOT use REPLY), and send it

(Of course if you will often send something to the list, then you'll
have defined a shorter (nickname) for the list in our addressbook...).

I am sorry to clutter your mail-box with some of these messages that may
help you use the list more efficiently.

Best wishes



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