We are in the MIRROR of LINGUIST....

Teun A. van Dijk teun at HUM.UVA.NL
Sun Oct 31 19:37:42 UTC 1999

This is to let you know, that as from now, we are in the MIRROR of
LINGUIST. This means that all our messages will be archived by the
LINGUIST archiving system. This greatly enhances the relevance of your
contributions, since they won't only be read now by our own members, but
can also be found back later (and may be accessible to others who use
the LINGUIST system...).

Without having the ambition to create a hugely popular list (because
that would create huge amounts of work...), we do have the potential to
make a small but very efficient and useful list for scholars in the
field of critical discourse analysis...

So, please do not forget to post any piece of useful information on the
list, nor to ask such information or help from others on the list. Send
discussion notes, squibs, and please participate in ongoing debates. And
most of us will welcome highly relevant information about, e.g.

-- new books in CDA you have read and (do or do NOT) recommend to the
others, possibly with a few
   lines of commentary;
-- publication of your OWN new book in the field;
-- (a) new CDA project(s) you have started;
-- relevant bibliographies.

And, if you have not done so yet: Please introduce yourself to the
others on the list. A page or screenful with your name,
address/affiliation, what you are working on right now, and some major
publications. We all want to know what YOU are doing!




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