Vs: poem about the challenges of writing a PhD thesis; Celso Alvarez' reaction

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas skutnabb-kangas at VIP.CYBERCITY.DK
Sun Jun 4 18:31:53 UTC 2000

Celso Alvarez sent a reaction to CRITICS on bente Bakmand's poem but it seems to have bounced back he told me, so I'll  resend his interesting reflections

At the same time I want to ask British colleagues if you are doing anything about the British anti-terrorist bill? It seems horrifying - almost as bad as that of Turkey. People like CRITICS could be silenced pretty effectively, legally...


>Hello all,
>The poem is nice, but I believe the orography is deceiving.
>Beyond the mountain top there are more mountains
>that you couldn't at first see, and once on top you realize you
>have to descend in order to start climbing up again. And the
>world is a sphere, we know, so your ending point is always
>your starting point. When you come to understand this geography,
>perhaps you are too old to become anything else, and you'd
>wish you had instead taken the lower paths around the high
>mountains and left the professors up there. After all, from
>below you can't see them, but they can't see you either.
>>>From their hilltops they can only see others standing over
>other hilltops. From time to time they all meet at a
>Conference -- sort of an old, extinguished vulcano. Some
>fumes, no real eruptions anymore.
>I pick the last stanza.
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