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DISCOURSE & SOCIETY and DISCOURSE STUDIES seek a new (joint) Book Reviews Editor
to replace Brian Torode (btorode at who is stepping down after ten years of
valuable service for the journals -- for which I would hereby like to thank him
in this public forum.

Applications for this (unpaid) post should be made --by e-mail-- to Teun A. van
Dijk (teun at Please include a curriculum vitae, information about
editorial or review experiences, and information about institutional  support
(especially for mailing purposes).

The post, which offers a unique opportunity to observe and influence the
development of discourse studies, will be filled for three years in the first


The Review Editor's primary expertise should be in one or more areas of the
field of discourse studies and its neighborough disciplines. Especially a broad
overview and thorough knowledge of the literature of large areas of discourse
studies are welcome attributes of the Review Editor. Editorial expertise is not
required, but of course will be helpful. Knowledge of several languages and
about discourse analysis in several countries will be a valuable asset of the
Review Editor of these international journals.

It is curcial that the Review Editor's institution should lend support to the
post, for instance by allowing to mail books to reviewers.


DISCOURSE & SOCIETY and DISCOURSE STUDIES are sister journals founded in 1990
and 1999 respectively. Each journal appears four times yearly, and each issue
typically includes four to six refereed articles and six book reviews. Between
them, the journals cover the burgeoning field of "discourse studies".  The
division of labour between them is indicated in the "Aims and Scope" statement
which appears in each, as follows:

     DISCOURSE & SOCIETY is a critical journal. It favours contributions that
pay attention to the     detailed analysis of social and political relations of
power, dominance, and inequality, and to the role of discourse in their
legitimation and reproduction in society, for instance in the domains of gender,
race, ethnicity, class or world region.

     DISCOURSE STUDIES is a general journal for the study of discourse. It
favours articles and reviews that cross (sub)disciplinary boundaries, use
discourse data from different languages, and whose authors are able to
contribute to the ethnic and cultural diversity of the journal.  It intends to
stimulate debate through theoretical and analytical critique and renewal. It
especially welcomes studies of text or talk from linguistics, psychology,
communication studies, ethnomethodology, ethnography, law, medicine and
education, among other disciplines.

Book reviews are edited jointly for the two journals. Normally, a book will be
reviewed once only, either in DISCOURSE & SOCIETY or in DISCOURSE STUDIES.

Below I attach some further background information about the review process, as
well as a list of books that have been reviewed during the last years.

Teun A. van Dijk, Editor


Teun A. van Dijk
University of Amsterdam
Program of Discourse Studies

In 2000:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (IULA)
La Rambla 32
08002 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34-93-272.1200 (home/casa)
FAX:   +34-93-272.0106 (home/casa)

E-mail: teun at

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