Panel Call for AAA, November 2000

John T. Clark jtclark at CSUCHICO.EDU
Wed Mar 22 18:04:28 UTC 2000

Hello Crits,

I am organizing a panel at the American Anthropological Association's
Annula Meeting in San Francisco this November. If you're interested in
being a part of it, send me an e-mail indicating interest at once. The
panel abstract follows:

*Claiming the Center*

How is the *center* claimed and achieved as white, male, heterosexual,
oral/aural, able-bodied etc. through global and local textual and
interactional practices? How is the "unmarked marker" status of
whiteness, inter alia, claimed and resisted through processes of
centering and othering? How are these same processes masked so as to
attribute a timeless and natural centered-status to these same groups?
Finally, how are these processes resisted and unmasked in global and
face-to-face interaction?

Send inquiries (and 200 word or less abstracts) to:

John T. Clark
Professor Linguistics/English
California State University, Chico
jtclark at
(530) 898-5453

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