Masaki Oda oda at LIT.TAMAGAWA.AC.JP
Tue Nov 7 15:47:03 UTC 2000

> Dear Colleagues,
> I have recently joined the CRITICS-L.  Though there are some of
> you on the list who know me,  I would like to take this
> opportunity to make a brief introduction of myself. My name is
> Masaki Oda. I am an Associate Professor of Linguistics at
> Tamagawa University in Tokyo. I teach languages (English,
> Japanese), undergraduate classes in Sociolinguistics and a post
> graduate seminar in "Critical Applied Linguistics" (Best to my
> knowledge, it is the only independent 'critical' linguistics
> seminar in Japan). However, I am currently on sabbatical leave
> and attached to the Department of Linguistic Science at
> University of Reading in England.
> My primary interests are 1) Language and power in
> academia--especially linguistics in Japan and 2) Media discourse
> concerning air safety. In fact I have just begun the second
> one...but somewhat idled last few days as one of my acquaintances
> was on the Singapore Airline flight crashed in Taiwan last week.
> If anybody has worked particularly on this area, please let me know.
> Sincerely,
> Masaki Oda
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> Masaki Oda, Ph.D.
> 27 Redhatch Drive
> Earley, Reading, Berkshire RG6 5QS
> United Kingdom
> E-mail. odam at
>  $B!!!!!! (B  $B!! (B M.Oda at
>            oda at
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