Discourse & Society: 19th Call for Book Reviewers

Brian Torode btorode at TCD.IE
Tue Nov 21 23:44:48 UTC 2000

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           Nineteenth call for book reviewers
           Issued November 2000
          (Previous list issued March 2000)
This is the final list issued by Brian Torode. From January 2002, the
Reviews Editor for both Discourse and Society and Discourse Studies
will be:
"Ingrid Piller" <ingrid.piller at linguistics.usyd.edu.au>
For continuity, both editors will act jointly from January to December 2001.
DISCOURSE AND SOCIETY ["D&S"] is a journal founded in July 1990, editor
Teun van Dijk, University of Amsterdam, publisher: Sage. It has attracted
over 750 subscribers, and is central to the rapidly expanding field of
discourse analysis. DISCOURSE STUDIES ["DST"] is a new journal, edited by
Teun van Dijk, launched by Sage in 1999.

The titles listed below are available for review in either journal. You may
offer to review a single item or several items in a joint review. Joint
reviews are encouraged wherever appropriate.
On receiving a book you will be asked to judge its relevance to D&S or DST.
There are three categories to choose from:

     1. Books apparently central to the concerns of
     D&S or DST.

     2. Books which address an area to which discourse
     analysis has contributed. If having requested such a
     book, you find it not relevant to the journal's
     interests, please report this to the review editor
     who may permit you to keep the title without review.

     3. Books which appear marginal to the concerns of
     D&S or DST. You may request these titles
     on the basis that if they are  relevant to the
     journal's interests you will review them but if not,
     you will keep them without review.
Agger, B. (2000) Public Sociology: the new social formations.   Oxford:
Rowman & Littlefield.
Aitchison, J. (2000/1996) The Seeds of Speech: language origin and
evolution.   Cambridge: Canto/Cambridge University Press.
Ali, S. (2000) Global Feminist Politics.   London: Routledge.
Amsterdam, A. G. and J. E. Bruner. (2000) Minding the Law: how courts rely
on storytelling and how their stories change the way we understand the
law-and ourselves.   Harvard: University Press.
Bernstein, B. (19996, 2000) Pedagogy, Symbolic Control, and Identity.
Revised ed.  Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield.
Brand, P. Z., ed. (2000) Beauty Matters.    London: Indiana University Press.
Bublitz, W., U. Lenk and E. Ventola. (1999) Coherence in Spoken and Written
Discourse.   Amsterdam: Benjamins.
Burke, L. (2000) The Routledge Language and Cultural Theory Reader.
London: Routledge.
Cameron, D. (2000) Good to Talk?   London: Sage.
Carvajal, F. G. (2000) VIR - Perceptions of manliness in Andalucia and
Mexico 1561-1699.   Amsterdam: Historische Reeks.
Cheney, G. (1999) Values at Work: employeee participation meets market
pressure at Mondragon.   London: Cornell University Press.
Cooren, F. (2000) The Organising Property of Communication.   Amsterdam:
John Benjamins.
Corcoran, P. and V. Spencer, ed. (2000) Disclosures.    Aldershot: Ashgate.
Cornish, F. (1999) Anaphora, Discourse and Understanding: evidence from
English and French.   Oxford: University Press.
Crawshaw, R. (2000) Exploring French Text Analysis: explorations of
national identity.   London: Routledge.
Crossley, M. (2000) Introducing Narrative Psychology: self, trauma, and the
construction of meaning.   Buckingham: Open University Press.
Darton, E. (2000) `Divided we stand: a biography of New York's World Trade
Centre.   New York: Basic Books.
Davies, B. (2000) A body of writing 1990-1999.   Oxford: Alta Mira.
Davies, B. (2000) (in)scribing body/Landscape relations.   Oxford: Rowman &
de Laine, M. (2000) Fieldwork, Participation, and Practice.   London: Sage.
Delin, J. (2000) The Language of Everyday Life.   London: Sage.
Denzin, N. and Y. Lincoln, ed. (2000) Handbook of Qualitative Research.
London: Sage.
Downing, L. (2000) Negation, text worlds and discourse: the pragmatics of
fiction.   Stamford: Ablex.
du Gay, P., ed. (2000) Identity: a reader.    London: Open University.
Elwood, W. N., ed. (1999) Power in the Blood: a handbook on AIDS, Politics,
and Communication.    Mahwah, NJ/London, UK: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Fairclough, N. (2000) New Labour, New Language.   London: Routledge.
Fernald, T. (2000) The Athabaskan Languages.   Oxford: University Press.
Ferrara, A. (1999) Justice and Judgement.   London: Sage.
Forrester, M. (2000) Psychology of the Image.   London: Routledge.
Galasinsky, D. (2000) The Language of Deception: a discourse analytic
study.   London: Sage.
Gardiner, M. E. (2000) Critiques of Everyday Life.   London: Routledge.
Goatley, A. (2000) Critical Reading and Writing.   London: Routledge.
Gonzalez, A. (2000) Rhetoric in Intercultural Contexts.   London: Sage.
Goodall, H. L. (2000) Writing the New Ethnography.   Oxford: Alta Mira.
Gregory, E. (2000) City Literacies: learning to read across generations and
cultures.   London: Routledge.
Harre, R. (1999) Greenspeak: a study of environmental discourse.   London:
Hartley, J. (1999) Uses of Television.   London: Routledge.
Ho, W. (2000) In her Mother's house:  the politics of Asian-American
mother-daughter writing.   Oxford: Altamira.
Holm, J. (2000) An introduction to Pidgins and Creoles.   Cambridge:
University Press.
Houtkoop-Steenstra, H. (2000) Interaction and the Standardized Survey
Interview: the living questionairre.   Cambridge: University Press.
Hunston, S. and G. Thompson, ed. (2000) Evaluation in Text: authorial
stance and the construction of discourse.    Oxford: University Press.
Isenhart, M. W. (2000) Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict.
London: Sage.
Jaccoby, R. (2000) The Last Intrellectuals: American culture in the age of
academe.   New York: Basic Books.
James, J., ed. (2000) The Black Feminist Reader.    Oxford: Blackwell.
James R, T. and E. J. v. Every. (2000) The Emergent Organisation:
communication as its site and structure.   Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Jay, T. (2000) Why we curse: a neuro-psycho-social theory of speech.
Amsterdam: Benjamins.
John, H. (2000) Body and Organization.   London: Sage.
Jucker, A. (2000) Historical Dialogue Analysis.   Amsterdam: Benjamins.
Klarner, A. (2000) Aufstand der Ressentiments.   Koeln: PapyRossa.
Kress, G. (2000) Early Spelling: between convention and creativity.
London: Routledge.
Krueger, R. (2000) Focus Groups: a practical guide for applied research.
London: Sage.
Kuusisto, R. (1999) Western Definitions of War in the Gulk and in Bosnia:
the rhetorical frameworks of the United States, British and French Leaders
in Action.   Helsinki: Suomen Tiedeseura.
Lehtonen, M. (2000) The Cultural Analysis of Texts.   London: Sage.
Leudar, I. (2000) Voices of Reason, voices of insanity.   London: Routledge.
Levitt, C., ed. (2000) Mistaken Identities: the second wave of controversy
over "political correctness".    New York: Peter Lang.
Littlejohn, S. (2000) Engaging Communication in Conflict.   London: Sage.
Locke, S. (1999) Constructing "the Beginning".   Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence
Erlbaum Associates.
Loeschper, G. (1999) Bausteine fur eine psychologische Theorie
richterlichen Urteilens.   Baden-Baden: Nomos Vlg.
Marcus, L., ed. (1999) Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams: new
interdisciplinary essays.    Manchester: University Press.
Mar-Molinero, C. (2000) The Politics of Language in the Spanish-Speaking
World.   London: Routledge.
McGarty, C. (1999) Categorisation in Social Psychology.   London: Sage.
McGrellis. (2000) Through the Moral Maze: a quantitative study of young
people's values.   London: The Tufnell Press.
McLaren, P. (2000) Che Guevara, Paulo Freire and the Pedagogy of
Revolution.   Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield.
McLoughlin, L. (2000) The Language of Magasines.   London: Routledge.
McQuail, D. (2000) McQuail's Mass Communication Theory.   4th ed.  London:
Mercer, N. (2000) Hearts + Minds : how we use language to think together.
London: Routledge.
Monaghan, J. and P. Just. (2000) Social and Cultural Anthropology.
Oxford: University Press.
Mora, J., M. Robson and M. Smith, ed. (2000) The limits of death: between
philosophy and psychoanalysis.    Manchester: University Press.
Nightingale, D. and J. Cromby. (1999) Social Constructionist Psychology: a
critical analysis of theory and practice.   Buckingham: Open University
O Donnell, H. (1999) Good Times, Bad Times: soap operas and society in
Western Europe.   Leicester: University Press.
Parkers, I., ed. (1999) Deconstructing Psychotherapy.    London: Sage.
Payne, M. (2000) Narrative Therapy: an introduction for counsellors.
London: Sage.
Price, J. N. (2000) Against the Odds: the meaning of school and
relationships in the lives of six young African-American men.   Stamford:
Quigley, J. (2000) The Grammar of Autobiography: a developmental account.
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Reker, G. T. and K. Chamberlain, ed. (2000) Exploring Existential Meaning:
optimising human development across the life span.    London: Sage.
Roberts, F. D. (1999) Talking about Treatment: recommendations for breast
cancer adjuvant therapy.   Oxford: University Press.
Roy, C. (2000) Interpretation as a Discourse Process.   Oxford: University
Schirato, T. (2000) Communication and Culture: an introduction.   London:
Schneider, J. and W. Laihua. (2000) Giving Care, Writing Self: a "new"
ethnography.   New York: Peter Lang.
Setton, R. (1999) Simultaneous Interpretation.   Amsterdam: Benjamines.
Smith, R. R. (2000) Progay/Antigay: the rhetorical war over sexuality.
London: Sage.
Spencer-Oaty, ed. (2000) Culturally Speaking: managing rapport through talk
across cultures.    London: Continuum.
Svennevig, J. (2000) Getting Acquainted in Conversation.   Amsterdam: John
Titscher, S., M. Meyer, R. Wodak and E. Vetter. (2000) Methods of Text and
Discourse Analysis.   London: Sage.
Tuomarla, U. (1999) La Citation mode d'emploi: sur le fonctionnement
discursif due discours rapporte direct.   Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum
Virilio, P. (2000) Polar Inertia.   London: Sage.
Vree, W. v. (1999) Meetings, Manners and Civilisation: the development of
modern meeting behaviour.   London: Leicester University Press.
Wood, L. A. (2000) Doing Discourse Analysis.   London: Sage.
Zalewski, M. (2000) Feminism after Postmodernism.   London: Routledge.
Please include your full postal address with your request for books,
even if you sent it to me before. If you did not review books for D&S/DST
before, please accompany your request with the following information,
briefly indicated on a single letter-headed page:

      Institutional address
      Email address
      Special interests in the field
      Recent publications
      Recent reviews published

Reviewers should aim at a length of only 600 words, a little more for joint
reviews. Reviews should be submitted within three months. Further
particulars will be sent to you with the book(s).

         Brian Torode
         Trinity College
         Dublin, 2, Ireland
         btorode at tcd.ie

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