Austria again, actions necessary!

Ruth Wodak ruth.wodak at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Wed Oct 4 09:04:11 UTC 2000

The problem of antisemitism is a very old one..not the problem, but also
antisemitism itself. Nowhere is it said neither do I say that things that
Israelis do or don't do are justified or "good" because - what is implied
often- they are Jews. For me, these two issues DO NOT relate. I aboslutely
also condemn what the Israeli government is doing in this case; and I agree
that actions are needed against such terrible racism. For me this is
unrelated to the Shoa and to the antisemitism which involves us all
worldwide. I do not want and I also think it is wrong to balance these
things or to argue that they are related.
I am against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism wherever it happens. And that
it happens in so many countries and places does not legitimise it happening
in specific cases anywhere! Critical scholars should take a stance; I think
that nowadays we have to not only study, analyse and publish about such
issues but also vocie our scholarly opinions elsewhere! That exactly the
voicing of such opinions, like the ones of Pelinka and Neugebauer, and many
other cases, are difficult in Austria and are taken to court, is a very
serious matter!
Ruth Wodak

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