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Teun A. van Dijk teun at HUM.UVA.NL
Mon Sep 18 18:37:58 UTC 2000

Dear friends,

This is a special request for help. Like many others of us, I get many similar
requests, and I would not bother you with it when it would not be urgent and
specifically relevant for the field and readers of these two discourse lists.
And delicate, so that I cannot formulate the rest of this message in the
necessarily clear terms of a job/scholarship request by identifying the name and
current research projects of the candidate.

I am speaking on behalf of an African discourse analyst, a woman who at present
is working as a refugee in a Mid-Eastern university, and who is engaged in a
gender and media topic. Because of her critical research she also has met with
serious problems in the present country where she lives. She is desperately
looking for a place, either on a (temporary) job basis or with a local
scholarship, where she can complete her research safely.

Her (necessarily incomplete) Vita may be summarized as follows:

Ph.D: Applied Linguistics, Exeter University, 1993
MA: TESOL, Georgetown University, 1989
BA: English Language, Khartoum University, 1985
She can teach various courses in applied and theoretical linguistics, generative

syntax and phonology, teaching methodology, Arabic as a foreign language, Arabic

linguistics, Arabic/English translation, text linguistics, contrastive rhetoric,

and discourse analysis.

My request is whether each of you please inquire locally in your university
whether they can hire or give a scholarship to this researcher, even

No need to tell dramatic stories about how urgent this is. Please help, by
making a couple of phone calls, write a couple of e-mail messages or talk to a
couple of influential people in your university. Not only they will help a
critical discourse analyst who really needs help, but also they will hire an
excellent scholar with a highly important research project.

Our colleague can be reached via the following e-mail (anonymous) address:
c_rabab at You can also directly reply to me.

Thanks for your help



Teun A. van Dijk
University of Amsterdam
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