Linux Red Face

Robert de Beaugrande beaugran at EMIRATES.NET.AE
Sat Feb 17 15:08:09 UTC 2001

Rebuilding my hard disks destroyed by LINUX (!), I was horrified to find a
small typo in the HTML of my homepage which blocked direct access to the
"List of Works" (though access through "Subject Matter' did work)!

I'm so embarrassed, I dare not stand on a street corner, lest drivers
screech to halt, taking me for a stop signal, whereupon the desert
surrounding this outpost would resound with Arabic curses...

I have now rewritten the faulty HTMLs and uploaded them; I also
back-downloaded them to make sure everything is there (it is) and works (it
does), since the Internet in this part of the world is much taken up with
its 'temporary difficulties' (now in their second consecutive year).

These new works are now posted on

at the hyperlink

NEW TITLES in 2001

'Cognition and Technology in Education:  Knowledge and Information -
Language and Discourse'. To appear in Cognitive Technology 1/2, 2001. (new
journal edited by the incomparable Jacob Mey)

 'Descriptive linguistics at the millennium: Corpus data as authentic
Submitted to WORD (large paper -slow dowload!)

'Text Grammar Revisited'. For Logos and Languages, special issue 2001

'"If I were you.": Language Standards and Corpus Data in EFL'. Submitted to
TESOL Quarterly

'Using a "Write-Speak-Write" Approach For Basic Writers'.  (with Mar Jean
Olson) Journal of Basic Writing 10/2, 1991, 4-32 (rescanned)

'Interpreting the Discourse of H.G. Widdowson: A Corpus-Based Critical
Discourse Analysis'. Applied Linguistics, 2001

I also repaired the hyperlinks for two papers no journal would dare to

'External Is Not Eternal: On the logic of external examiners'

'Peer Review is not Peerless'

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