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>This is a call for papers for the second colloquium on language and
>peace to take place at the International Peace Research Association
>(IPRA)'s  Biennial Conference in Seoul, Korea July 2 - 5, 2002.
>The colloquium intends to bring together scholars working in the area
>of  communication, culture, critical discourse analysis, literary
>criticism, peace research and related fields. Papers will be expected to
>examine the role of language as a factor to be considered with social,
>political and economic factors in any examination of the conditions and
>institutions that prevent the achievement of a culture of social and
>ecological peace. Peace, here, is understood in its most comprehensive
>sense as a dynamic process that aims to bring about the control and
>elimination of direct violence, e.g. war, and the development of social
>structures and values that work towards decreasing and eliminating
>indirect violence, i.e. social discrmination, poverty, ecological
>The colloquium is sponsored by the Peace Culture and Communication
>Commission and the Working Group on Language and Peace.
>Papers will fill 15 minute slots. Time for discussion will be scheduled
>after the papers are presented.
>If you are planning to attend IPRA and are interested in participating
>in the colloquium, please submit a 350 word abstract to Anita L. Wenden
>by JANUARY 30, 2002.
>Abstracts may be sent to my email address <wldyc at> or by
>snail mail to my home address 97-37 63rd Rd. #15E  Rego Park, New York,
>Anita L. Wenden
>Department of Foreign Languages, ESL & Humanities
>Cultural Diversity Program
>Collegewide Writing Program
>York College, City University of New York
>Jamaica, New York 11451
>tel: 718 275 3932 (H)  718 262 2430/2441 (O)
>fax: 718 275 3932 (H)  718 262 2087 (O)
>email <wldyc at>
>"We are made wise not by recollections of the past, but by our
> responsibility to the future." G.B. Shaw

Dr Christina Schaeffner
Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies and German
Director of Postgraduate Programmes
School of Languages and European Studies
Aston University
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