Hello I am a new member of the list

Jan Connelly jconnell at SCU.EDU.AU
Sat Sep 1 02:57:05 UTC 2001

Dear Critical Discourse Analysis list members,

I have just joined the list and Teun A. van Dijk suggested that I
should introduce myself.  I am a female  academic in Australia. I
work in a School of Education in a regional University (Southern
Cross, Lismore) in New South Wales. I am currently completing a PhD
at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane with the guidance of
Professor Allan Luke. My thesis is constructed around collated
narratives built up from the relationships and communications with
white females (myself included) who have taught in all Indigenous
schools.  In the latter stages of the thesis work I am looking very
carefully at these narratives and considering and reconsidering the
discourse, and asking myself and asking of the theoretical and
conceptual  literature that I am studying what and how to analyse
what I have in front of me - hence my deep interest in critical
discourse analysis.  I hope some of you might be doing similar work
or have this area are as an interest.  If so I would love to
communicate with you.

Kind Regards,

Jan Connelly
Jan Connelly
Lecturer in Language & Literacy,
School of Education,
Southern Cross University, Lismore
2480 NSW Australia
Ph:   02 66 203610
Fax:  02 66221833

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