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As students and scholars of world affairs, we call upon the heads of

states to exercise Restraint, Reason, and Reflection in this moment of
extreme crisis. The perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 acts of murder in
the United States of America must surely be brought to justice, but by means
that accord with international law and which conform to the due process of
law, which will culminate in their trial and prosecution
before the appropriate courts of justice.

The possible use of military retaliation in this crisis by the US and its
allies, whether against groups or countries, carries with it a terrible
risk. If NATO resorts to military action, this could initiate a further
spiral of violence and destruction, including upon the countries and
citizens of the Western alliance.  The types of weapons that could possibly
be deployed by terrorists are too horrible to contemplate.  In this type of
conflict there can be no 'winner', only further death and suffering. We must
not embark upon such a scenario. We call upon you to exercise careful
judgment and to decide upon responses to the crisis that do not further
endanger world peace and sow the seeds of greater hatred.  To do otherwise
would be sheer madness.
The cycle of hatred, violence and retribution that lies at the root of this
horror must end.  It is our deepest hope that any response to this tragedy
will be driven not by a blind desire for vengeance, but rather with a
renewed determination to work for a peaceful and just world.  The
single great evil that must be opposed is not one or another group of
people, but rather the hatred that continues to find root in human hearts.

NAME   Professor Patrica Chilton

AFFILIATION   University of Sunderland

EMAIL   pat.chilton at sunderland.ac.uk

Please fax the signed sheet to Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy
Research, +808-955-6476.

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