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Dear Collegues,
I am taking the liberty to forward you a very interesting piece of information that I recieved from the coordinator of PPAD ( Pakistanis for Peace and Alternative Development), Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, at Stockholm University. I hope some of you researchers would be able to probe further in this matter.  
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Fra: Ishtiaq Ahmed 
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Emne: It turns out that CNN manipulated the news

Dear South Asians and other peace-loving friends,
A dear colleague of mine Kristina Boréus in our Political Science Department, Stockholm university, has brought to my notice that CNN manipulated images of Palestinians celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Centre. Please spread this message as widely and quickly as possible and we must join any protest movement against this gross violation of public sentiments by a news channel claiming to be a leader in honest and objective reporting.

      Please distribute widely!

      Peace out!!!!

      The images of Palestinians celebrating the attacks on the US are not the reality.  They are images from 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait.  According to Indymedia Israel, a  Brazilian student, Marcio A. V. Carvalho, from the State University of Campinas found the original images in the archives compiled by a professor at the University.  The images in question were beamed across the world showing Palestinians, mostly children celebrating the attacks in the streets, as they ate candy and make funny faces at the cameras.   This manipulation of information has been widely distributed by one of the few information agencies which controls news throughout the world.

      The professor who has the original images archived, has denounced this action and has sent e-mails to CNN, to the major television network of Brazil, OGlobo , and to newspapers.  He has denounced this as a crime against public opinion who s intent was to create a generalized environment of adversion toward the Palestinian people.

      Author:  Mikel García 
      Source:  Rebelión, Spain

      http://dailynew.yahoo.com/fc/US/Emergency_Information/                                                                                                                                                                 & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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