Robert McChesney's lecture on Media and Islam is finally available

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo lxalvarz at UDC.ES
Mon Apr 22 18:23:10 UTC 2002

Dear all,

As promised on the list and to several people, I have uploaded the sound 
files for a lecture given by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 
professor Robert McChesney on "Confusion and Ignorance: US News Media 
Coverage of the Islamic World", Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center, 
Urbana, Illinois, USA, Friday, November 2, 2001, 7:15 pm; Time length: 88 
m. 45 s.

I am unable to send the files by e-mail. Interested people may freely 
download them. As I explain in the web page, the sound files (two versions: 
MP3, 15MB and WAV, 41MB) have been split in segments for easier download, 
and the various parts have to be pieced together with the included batch 
file. Once downloaded, of course, the whole file(s) can be copied and 

My thanks to McChesney for his disposition to make this material available.

The URL is: or


Celso Alvarez Cáccamo
lxalvarz at

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