Discursive plays of resistance

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Thu Oct 17 07:46:49 UTC 2002

Dear friends, Car at s amig at s,

You know that I seldom abuse of this rather quiet list to post
"political" messages that are not somehow also related to our field of
critical language and discourse studies.

There are however situations where exceptions should be allowed. The
threatening war of Bush, Blair & Co against Iraq is one of such
situations -- which sooner or later may involve all of us, if only by
its dire consequences for world peace.

With thanks to a Turkish friend, I therefore post this "collage" text,
in a spirit in which I would like to emphasize that discursive or
semiotic word play can be used as an instrument of critical analysis and
resistance that sometimes may be more effective than a long text...


Let me finally take advantage of this message to let you know that my
earlier message on this list wondering about critical studies on
post-September 11discourses, resulted in various replies of people
working on that topic. Indeed, a special issue of DISCOURSE & SOCIETY,
guest edited by Jim Martin, et al., -- and possibly an edited book- are
now in preparation.

Salaam, Shalom, Peace, Paz.



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