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Susan Parks Susan.Parks at LLI.ULAVAL.CA
Mon Sep 16 19:49:58 UTC 2002

As the deadline for receiving proposals for the ISLS conference is 
approaching, could you please send out this second call for papers to your 
membership? Thank you very much.
Susan Parks
Member ISLS Conference Organizing Committee
Université Laval (Quebec City)


Theme: The Transformation of Language Education and Research
Deadline for proposals: October 1, 2002
Dates for conference: April 30 - May 2, 2003
Place: Virgin Islands (US)

ISLS encourages and promotes critical discourse and research in language 
matters, broadly conceived. ISLS seeks to bring together scholars from all 
disciplines whose research focus has been on issues of language.  Research 
generated from qualitative, critical, and emergent paradigms is of 
particular interest. For more information, visit the ISLS website at:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All papers submitted at the conference will be considered 
for publication in the forthcoming journal of the society, Critical Inquiry 
in Language Studies: An International Journal.

Editorial Advisory Board of Critical Inquiry in Language Studies: An 
International Journal

Michael Apple, University of Wisconsin
Elsa Roberts Auerbach, University of Massachusetts Boston
Francesca Balladon, University of Natal
Dennis Baron, University of Illinois
James Cummins, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of 
Richard Donato, University of Pittsburgh
Carol Edelsky, Arizona State University
Rosalie Finlayson, University of South Africa
James Gee, University of Wisconsin
François M. Grin, Université de Genève
Joan Kelly Hall, University of Georgia
James Lantolf, Pennsylvania State University
Cynthia Lewis, University of Iowa
Angel Lin, City University of Hong Kong
Allan Luke, University of Queensland
Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville
Margaret Obondo, Rinkeby Institute on Multilingual Research, Stockholm
Terry A. Osborn, University of Connecticut
Aneta Pavlenko, Temple University
Alastair Pennycook, University of Technology Sydney
Robert Phillipson, Copenhagen Business School
Timothy Reagan, University of Connecticut
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, University of Roskilde
John Watzke, University of Notre Dame
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