[LNC] Iraqi Playing Cards and many more documents

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo lxalvarz at UDC.ES
Fri Apr 18 13:40:04 UTC 2003

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The Iraqi Most Wanted (sic/sick) card deck, and many more documents can be 
downloaded directly from the United States Central Command's  ( 
http://www.centcom.mil/ ) website [notice it's not "United States of 
America", but simply "United States"]

http://www.centcom.mil/Operations/Iraqi%20Freedom/iraqifreedom.asp for the 
card deck

The site  http://www.centcom.mil/galleries/galleries.asp contains all the 

All the leaflets dropped over Iraq can be downloaded at 
http://www.centcom.mil/galleries/leaflets/showleaflets.asp .

Also transcripts or recordings (I don't remember) of radio speeches 
addressed to the Iraqi population.

That's called proverbial Democracy and Transparency.  Please use the 
Central Command site for your downloads, so that the US-UK Internet-spying 
Echelon program can trace your identity and keep a log of your activities.


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At 15:56 16/04/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>this may be old news to you all, but there is a pdf file of the US Defence 
>Dept's 'Most Wanted Iraqis Playing Cards' here:
>It will no doubt be interesting to check how many make it into the 
>imperial cabinet.
>Cut them out and keep them safe!
>John Richardson

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