Reminder - 9/11 papers due April 1

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Just a reminder that 9/11 papers are due April 1. Announcement replayed



In a carefully planned exercise, four commercial airliners are seized,
and transformed by their hijackers into high-explosive weapons. The
result is the loss of many lives, the destruction of a potent symbol of
American capitalism, and a violent attack on the country s military

These events, which have made  September 11th  an evocative label rich
in connotation, have had powerful political, social and economic
ramifications far beyond their epicentre.

We invite submissions   from the broadest possible disciplinary,
cultural and geographic spectrum   for a special issue of Discourse and
Society, one that will focus upon the discourses relevant to the events
of September 11th , the contexts from which they emerged, and their
aftermath. Papers should combine discourse analysis with critical social
analysis in ways that unite theory and application.

The editors for this special number of the journal envisage an issue (or
issues) in which linguistic studies will combine with investigations of
style, rhetoric, narrative, argumentation and schematic structure. As
well, work on action and interaction, on knowledge, opinion and
ideology, on social and political constituencies, and on power
relationships will be appropriate here.

Submissions should conform to the style requirements of Discourse and
Society*, and should be sent to Professor John Edwards via e-mail as a
Word-format attachment (<jedwards at>) . The deadline for initial
submission is April 1st, 2003.

John Edwards (St Francis Xavier University)
Bruce Hawkins (Illinois State University)
Jim Martin (University of Sydney)

* Style guides available at the Sage website, or Teun van Dijk's
homepage -

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