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I'mglad to announce the free distribution of my 'big' books to be downloaded gratis from my website, which has become

(no www. for some reason)


If I advocate 'freedom of access to knowledge and society' (see especially my newest book listed below), I cannot address people in expensive or hard-to-find  books. The following are already available, scanned, edited, reformatted, and broken down into webpages under 300 kb for easy download and free use. They may be quoted, translated, or downloaded onto CD without the author's permission. An occasional thank-you note would be appreciated, though, to 


 beaugrande at


1. A New Introduction to the Study of Text and Discourse:  

        Discursivism and Ecologism (2004) (VERY CDA, ESP. CHS 7-9!!)

I. Theory and Practice

II. Theory and Practice in Studies of Language                     

III. Lexicogrammar in the Study of Text and Discourse         

IV. Prosody in the Study of Text and Discourse                    

V. Visuality in the Study of Text and Discourse                      

VI. Style in the Study of Text and Discourse   

VII. Discursive Themes of Social Division 

The 'New Racism' 

Worker safety 

Consumer health


American "interests'

The 'Patriot Acts'                                                             

VIII. The Standards of Textuality Revisited                            

IX. A Final Word 


2. Introduction to Text Linguistics (1981)


3.  Text Production  (1984)


4. Critical Discourse: A Survey of Contemporary Literary Theorists (1991)

Rene Wellek and Austin Warren  

Northrop Frye 

Leslie Fiedler 

Wolfgang Iser 

E.D. Hirsch

Hans Robert Jauss 

Norman Holland 

David Bleich 

Bernard Paris 

Jonathan Culler 

Paul de Man 

Harold Bloom 

Geoffrey Hartman 

Kate Millett 

Luce Irigaray (new inclusion) 


4. Linguistic Theory: The Discourse of  Fundamental Works  

Ferdinand de Saussure 

Edward Sapir 

Leonard Bloomfield 

Kenneth Lee Pike 

Louis Hjelmslev 

Noam Chomsky 

John Rupert Firth 

Michael Halliday 

Terry Winograd (previously unpublished) 

Teun van Dijk and Walter Kintsch 

Peter Hartmann 


5. New Foundations for a Science of Text and Discourse  (1997)


I'd be even more glad  to hear of colleagues following suit by giving away their books to those whose social,  economic, and educational interests they propose to champion.


If you or someone you know lives in a region where internet use is hard or even dangerous and wants a book, get me an e-mail and a safe postal address, and I'll mail them the a CD for free. Contact: beaugrande at



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