Call for Submissions: Linguistics and Semiotics, The American Journal of Semiotics 2005

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Tue Feb 10 21:58:32 UTC 2004

Winter greetings from the Niagara Region,

Would you please pass on the following call for submissions to list
members who may be interested in the topic?

Thank you,

Tom Craig

(Apologies for any cross-posting duplicates.)

Tom Craig, PhD
paradocs at

Fellow & Internet Director, International Communicology Institute

Guest Editor: Linguistics and Semiotics,
   The American Journal of Semiotics (ISSN: 0277-7126)

Sessional Instructor, Interdisciplinary Studies,
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON


     The American Journal of SEMIOTICS
     An international quarterly research publication of the
     Semiotic Society of America

     Issue Theme: Linguistics and Semiotics
     featuring Kenneth Pike:  A Sign

     Guest Editor, Thomas D. Craig, Ph.D
     Fellow, International Communicology Institute,
     and former graduate student of Kenneth Pike


     Manuscript are invited for Spring 2005 publication.
     Deadline for the receipt of submissions is January 15, 2005.

     Manuscripts dealing broadly with the connection between Linguistics
     and Semiotics are welcome, A special focus of the issue will be the
     of the legendary linguist and semiotic scholar Kenneth Pike, a life
     member of the Semiotics Society of America (SSA). The feature section
     will be led by Professor Pike’s article “Semantic Domains Seen as
     Spokes Emerging from the Hub of a Knowledge Wheel, but Linked in a Rim
     Experience”, his keynote address at the SSA Conference in San Antonio,
     Texas, 19 October 1995. Any manuscripts related to Pike’s work will be
     included in this feature section.

     Manuscript Preparation:

     Three high quality copies of a computer generated manuscript (1.5
     paced lines) should initially be submitted along with a cover sheet
     (1) manuscript title,
     (2) author’s name, address, and institutional affiliation, and
     (3) author’s phone numbers, e-mail, and fax.
     Manuscripts may be Monographs (30-50 pp.) or Articles (16-20 pp.) Book
     Review Essays and Book Reviews are also welcome. If the manuscript is
     accepted, an e-mail attachment version must be submitted as an RTF
     document (Rich Text Format).

     Manuscripts must conform to the Semiotic Society of America Style
     Sheet with particular attention to the historical layering of the
     list).  Contact the Guest Editor for an e-mail attachment copy of the
     journal style sheet. Manuscripts are reviewed by the Guest Editor,
     Editor, and members of the Editorial Board. The Editor, Richard L.
     Lanigan, makes the final decision to publish.

     Manuscripts and questions related to this Call should be sent to:

     Thomas D. Craig
     Guest Editor, The American Journal of SEMIOTICS
     Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, TSH-724
     McMaster University
     Hamilton, ON
     L8S 4M2
     E-mail:  paradocs at

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