DeXus 2.0 discourse studies summer school announcement

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           *** FIRST CALL ***

        DeXus - Discourse Nexus 2.0 
      An international summer school 
          in discourse studies

             Invited guests: 

   Puleng Hanong, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
   Gunther Kress, The Institute of Education, University of London, UK
   Luisa Martin Rojo, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
   Ron Scollon, Georgetown University, USA

        16th - 21st August, 2004

       Centre for Discourse Studies
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

                Web site:

DeXus is the name for the Discourse Nexus summer school, which was held
very successfully for the first time in 2003 at the Centre for Discourse
Studies, Aalborg University. The code 2.0 signifies version 2.0, the
second actualisation, a progressively refined version of the summer
school. DeXus will focus on innovative research in discourse studies and
its application to a variety of settings and data sets, using a mix of
lectures, group work and discussion sessions. 

The goal of DeXus is to create a space in which attendees - invited
guests, students, postgrads and established scholars - can discuss the
latest moves in discourse studies, apply approaches in discourse studies
to 'real world' problems, learn hands-on in a positive environment and
find new relays between academic work and social change. The exact format
and thematics of DeXus has not yet been finalised, but there are some
features that are essential. We have invited a number of guests to play
the role of 'wayfinders' or 'midwives'. Their job is to provide different
resources for learning: to promote discussion, to clarify methods, and to
illustrate analysis. 

Following the first day of lectures by the invited guests, which will
establish a common ground work, we concentrate over the following three
days with workshops and group work on two or three themes. On the last
day, all groups will come together to report on their findings, solutions
and applications, with commentary and discussion from the wayfinders. A
poster session will take place during the first day for those who wish to
present their research publicly. More details on the DeXus web site.

DeXus will interest students and scholars who work in the diverse fields
of discourse studies, particularly mediated discourse analysis, critical
discourse analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, linguistic
anthropology, multimodal discourse analysis, educational discourse
analysis, social semiotics, practice theory, identity and discourse,
gender and discourse.

DeXus themes include: 
   * Movement/Mobility/Flow/Scale
   * Structure/Ordering/Organisation/Governance
   * Change/Intervention/Critique
   * Interaction/Technology/Artefact
   * Nature/Environment/Habitus/Context
   * Globalisation/Localisation
   * Belonging/Citizenship/Linking/Relationality
   * Mediation/Modality/Action/Practice
   * Narrative/Memory/Autobiography
   * Identity/Gender/'Race'/Ethnicity/Kinship
   * Care/Risk

The summer school is international and open to all researchers, PhD and
graduate students. 

For more academic information, contact the organisers:
       Paul McIlvenny <paul at>
    or Pirkko Raudaskoski <pirkko at>

Please register online at <>. 

The deadline for registration is 15th June 2004.

The participation fee is 3000 Danish kroner (approx. 400 Euros), which
covers administrative costs, tea/coffee and lunches every working day, and
one evening drinks reception (Monday) and one evening dinner (Thursday).
More information on the DeXus web site.

Location, travel and accommodation information is available on the web
site. Travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the participant.

For practical information, please contact the DeXus secretariat at
<dexus at>.

A poster (PDF) for DeXus 2.0 is available online. 
Please download, print, post and redistribute...

Note: DeXus draws upon the progressive pedagogical model at Aalborg
University to experiment with a problem-based, project-centred research
summer school for postgraduates and scholars in the field of discourse
studies. The core concept is the free play of ideas within the thematic
context of group-derived problems and reflexive project work developed
during the six fruitful days of DeXus.

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