DPI Newsletter 4, 2004

Ruth Wodak ruth.wodak at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Sat Jan 3 17:54:44 UTC 2004

Dear Colleagues and Friends!
First of all, we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004!
In this first newsletter 2004, we would like to provide you with a very
short overview on and summary of our research and on-going events at the
Research Center "Discourse, Politics, Identity" at the University of Vienna.
Please check our homepage for more details


On the 27th November 2003, we presented our book "Wie Geschichte gemacht
wird" (Czernin)at the Department for Contemporary History, University of
Vienna. (editors Hannes Heeer, Walter Manoschek, Alexander Pollak and Ruth
On the 17th December 2003, we presented our book "NATO, Neutrality and
National Identity" (Boehlau) at the Collegium Budapest. (editors Andras
Kovacs and Ruth Wodak)
Moreover, two more books were recently published:
"Die Kosten der Mehrsprachigkeit- The Costs of Multilingualism", published
at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2003 (editors Rudolf de Cillia,
Hans-Juergen krumm and Ruth Wodak)
"Re/reading the Past", published by Benjamins 2003.(editors Jim Martin and
Ruth Wodak)

two more books are in press: "Text und Kontext" (editors Oswald Panagl and
Ruth Wodak); and "Interdisciplinarity in CDA" (editors Ruth Wodak  and Paul
Chilton). Both books summarize two workshops which were staged 2002 and 2003
respectively, by DPI.

Moreover, two new issues of our Journal of Language and Politics were
published, one on Identity Politics and one on Parliamentary Discourses. The
first issue of Critical Discourse Studies (Routledge) will be out in two

Projects: Our projects "City Spaces" and "European Dilemmas" (5th Framework)
are coming into  their second year.
Our project "Discursive Construction of European Identities" (National Bank
Fund, Austria) is progressing well, we are starting with our second phase of
fieldwork in Brussels (the aftermath of the European Convention).
One other project (STREP) has also been funded and will start in September
2004 :EMEDIATE, coordinated by Bo Strath, Florence, EUI. This project will
investigate the development of media in the EU and the role of media and new
technologies in times of crisis in the EU.
We are also affiliated to several applications in the 6th framework and have
also  applied for other funding (national and EU).

Christoph Baerenreuter has been received a PhD grant from the Austrian
Academy of Sciences (research on European public spaces);
Martin Reisigl will defend his PhD (research on national identities) end of
January/February 2004
Brigitta Busch has finished her Habilitationsschrift and will defend in
April/May 2004 (research on the role of media in times of globalization)
Michal Krzyzanowki and Usama Suleiman are writing up their PhD theses.
Fleur Ulsamer has received the Prize of the City of Innsbruck for her PhD
Verena Krausneker has finshed her PhD (on bilingual education, sign

Martin Reisigl and Alexander Pollak are still looking for long term jobs,
the others are employed in project research. Andrea Zwoelfer is unemployed,
starting with January 1st, 2004.
Gilbert Weiss is taking up a Post Doc position at the Department for
Political Sciences, Salzburg.

We are still located at the University of Vienna, Department of Linguistics.
The rooms promised to us by the University were not provided; the monies
given to us by the Rector of the University of Vienna to help the team after
having had to leave the Academy of Sciences have been all used till December
2003 (as had been negotiated). In spite of these conditions, the research is
going on (see above). We are very  grateful to our colleagues in the
Department of Linguistics for sharing the little space available.

Upcoming Events:
On January 21st, another session of the Diskursforum will take place at the
Institute for Cultural Studies, Vienna (IFK). This is the forth session. All
these sessions have been well received and have led to stimulating
discussions. We are very grateful to the IFK for their support. Other
upcoming events will be listed on our homepage as well as on the homepage of
VERBAL (www.verbal.at).

Ruth Wodak will be at the University of East Anglia, starting from February
2004, with a Leverhulme Grant.
She has also been offered a personal chair at Lancaster, Linguistic
Department, starting in September 2004 (Norman Fairclough has retired). She
has accepted this most prestigious offer and will move in August. She will
continue to supervise her PhD students in Vienna and the on-going projects
in regular intervals.

We would like to thank everybody again for their support and welcome any
comments you might have.

best wishes
Ruth Wodak, for the team of DPI

Ruth Wodak
Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
University of Vienna
Berggasse 11
1090 Vienna
Tel: xx43 1 4277 41721
Fax: xx43 1 4277 9471
Research Center ¬ĄDiscourse, Politics, Identity"
University of Vienna
Berggasse 11/1/8
1090 Vienna

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