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Ali Sultani aasultani at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 17 20:39:58 UTC 2004

Dear colleagues and friends,
I am trying to prepare a syllabus for the course "Research Methods" to be taught to MA level students of General Linguistics in Iranian universities. Currently, it is common to work only on the mechanics of doing a research in this course in MA and even in PhD levels. Being trained in this way, I started my PhD dissertation in the field of Critical Discourse Analysis a few years ago and came across lots of problems concerning the nature of knowledge, truth, and research, in general.

Now, after graduation, I have decided to present this course in a way that the students would acquire a good knowledge of the basic types of researches, and the philosophical and epistemological aspects of research methodology in General Linguistics. I would appreciate it if you could give any suggestions, similar course designs, papers, bibliography or any sort of materials which would help.

With Best Wishes
Ali Asghar Sultani

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