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THE ABSTRACTS DEADLINE HAS BEEN MOVED FROM 15 OCTOBER 2004 TO 1 NOVEMBER 2004. No further extensions will be possible!

The 9TH INTERNATIONAL PRAGMATICS CONFERENCE will be held on 10-15 July 2005 at the Riva del Garda Congressi conference center ( ), RIVA DEL GARDA, ITALY 

For the full call for papers, go to the IPrA website at 

Abstracts submission is entirely web-based. Just visit the site and follow the instructions.

CONFERENCE CHAIR: Marina SBISA (Univ. of Trieste; sbisama at ) 

LOCAL SITE COMMITTEE: The other members of the Local Site Committee are: Claudia BIANCHI (Univ. of Genova); Paolo BOUQUET (Univ. of Trento); Claudia CAFFI (Univ. of Genova); Alessandra FASULO (Univ. of Roma 'La Sapienza'); Roberta FERRARIO (Univ. of Trento); Franca ORLETTI (Univ. of Roma Tre); Luigi PERISSINOTTO (Univ. Ca Foscari of Venezia); Fabio PIANESI (Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, Trento); Oliviero STOCK (Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, Trento); Stefano ZANOBINI (Univ. of Trento).

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: In addition to the members of the Local Site Committee, the International Conference Committee includes: Karin AIJMER (Univ. of Göteborg); Jens ALLWOOD (Univ. of Göteborg); Charles ANTAKI (Loughborough Univ.); 
Walter DE MULDER (Univ. of Antwerp; IPrA Editor); Helmut GRUBER (Univ. of Vienna; IPrA Editor); John GUMPERZ (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara; IPrA President 1986-1990); Monica HELLER (Univ. of Toronto); Andreas JUCKER (Justus Liebig Univ. Giessen; IPrA Treasurer); Sophia MARMARIDOU (Univ. of Athens; IPrA Editor); Bonnie McELHINNY (Univ. of Toronto); Jacob MEY (Odense Univ.); Jan-Ola ÖSTMAN (Univ. of Helsinki); Ben RAMPTON (King's College London); Anna-Brita STENSTRÖM (Univ. of Bergen); Elizabeth TRAUGOTT (Stanford Univ.); Jef VERSCHUEREN (Univ. of Antwerp; IPrA Secretary General); Yorick WILKS (Univ. of Sheffield); John WILSON (Univ. of Ulster at Jordanstown).

THEMES: As always, the conference will be open to all themes relevant to the pragmatics of language in its widest sense as an interdisciplinary cognitive, social, and cultural perspective. In addition, there is a special theme. 

SPECIAL THEME: Pragmatics and Philosophy 

It is both interesting and scientifically productive for pragmatics to revisit and discuss its philosophical starting points and enduring presuppositions, as well as its philosophical implications. Various philosophical problems may benefit from being discussed in a pragmatic perspective, and philosophy itself as a discourse genre is liable to be analyzed by a pragmatic approach. The range of themes meant to be covered by the special topic "Pragmatics and Philosophy" therefore includes at least: 
. philosophical heritages of pragmatics: Austin, Grice, Searle, Wittgenstein, Carnap, pragmatism, phenomenology; 
. philosophical frameworks for pragmatics: speech act theory, neo-Gricean and post-Gricean frameworks, theories of meaning as use, theories of context, pragmatics and hermeneutics, pragmatics and cultural studies; 
. overlaps between pragmatics and philosophy: the semantics/pragmatics interface, indexicals, presupposition, implicature, speech acts, propositional attitudes, context logics, contextualist epistemology, intentionality and subjectivity, agency, emotions, rhetoric, personal or collective identities; 
. pragmatics of the philosophical discourse genre: analysis of philosophical discourse, pragmatic approaches to argumentation and dialogue, pragmatics and the teaching of philosophy. 

Plenary lectures will include:

Rukmini BHAYA NAIR (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India), Pragmatics, pragmatism & the postcolonial

Robyn CARSTON (University College London), Pragmatics: From philosophy to cognitive science

Steven DAVIS (Carleton University, Ottawa), Demonstratives and understanding

Charles GOODWIN (Univ. of California at Los Angeles), Multi-modal action in discourse

Clotilde PONTECORVO (Univ. of Roma 'La Sapienza'), From talking to reasoning

Marina SBISA (Univ. of Trieste), How to read Austin

And there will be a plenary session organized by:

Paolo BOUQUET (Univ. of Trento) & Oliviero STOCK (IRST), Computational pragmatics. Guest speaker: Wolfgang WAHLSTER (Universität des Saarlandes).

Abstracts Deadline: 1 November 2004

Two types of paper proposals are invited: 

1. For single-paper presentations to be included in regular lecture sessions (20-minute presentations followed by 5 minutes for discussion and allowing 5 minutes for switching between sessions). Author who wish to present their paper as a poster, may choose to do so.

2. For panels or multi-paper sessions. Panels take the form of a series of closely related lectures on a specific topic. They may consist of one, two or three units of 120 minutes. Within each panel unit an average of four 20-minute presentations are given consecutively; the rest of the period may be taken up by an introduction, open discussion, comments by a discussant or discussants, or any combination of these. Panels are composed of contributions invited by panel organizers, combined with individually submitted papers when judged appropriate by the Conference Committee in consultation with the panel organizers. Typically, written versions or extensive outlines of all panel contributions should be available to the other contributors before the conference in order to facilitate discussion. 
Note that in addition to a panel abstract (to be submitted by the panel organizers), abstracts for all panel contributions, even when invited directly by panel organizers, have to be sent in individually (following the single-paper presentations option) and will be reviewed individually and anonymously. 

For detailed instructions, go to

Contact: info at 
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