greetings from Hailong Tian

r009 H.Tian at UEA.AC.UK
Thu Sep 30 12:20:49 UTC 2004

Hi, all listers. I'm Hailong Tian, a new comer to the list. Hope to share with
you the ideas concerning critical discourse studies.
    I'm a professor at School of Foreign Lanuguages, Tianjin University of
Commerce, Tianjin, PR China, and also a PhD candidate at School of Foreign
Lanuguages, Nankai University, Tianjin,  China. I'm currently at School of
Language, Linguistics, and translation Studies, University of East Anglia, as
a visiting reseach fellow during Sept. 2004 to Sept. 2005.
    I¡¯m currently conducting a research project on SARS and Communication.
The reseach is hoped, through a critical analysis of the official SARS case
reports, to explore their anti-SARS ideology that directs the anti-SARS social
practice. It is also hoped,  through a critical analysis of the text form of
the criteria formulated for diagnosing SARS cases, to explore  the way in
which the SARS reality is contructed through discourse practice. I'm happy to
share your suggestions and comments on it, and particularly happy to share
with those who are interested in similar researches.
Hailong Tian
h.tian at (from Sept.2004 to Sept.2005)
thailong at (permanent)

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