Critical D. Studies Debate

Carmen Caldas-Coulthard C.R.CALDAS-COULTHARD.1 at BHAM.AC.UK
Thu Apr 28 08:38:12 UTC 2005

Dear members of Critics
I am the Debate and Correspondence Editor of the Critical Discourse Studies Journal (Routledge). 
I wonder if you are interested in contributing with interesting topics for debate/dialogue. At this right moment, in Britain, two serious topics are in the public arena - the question of migration/immigration and a boycott by the Association of University Teachers of two Israeli Universities. If you have views on these issues and others, do get in contact with me. 
I am also interested in publicising new research (finished PhD theses or projects), reports on meetings that deal with Critical issues, etc..
Teun can I also post your bibliography? It would be extremely helpful, I think.
Thanks. Carmen
Dr. Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard
Centre for English Language Studies
Dept. of English
University of Birmingham
Phone 0121 414 7371
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