DPI-Newsletter: 2005

ruth ruth.wodak at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Wed Jan 5 13:57:08 UTC 2005

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

We wish you all a very Happy New Year. We also hope that this year will
bring more peace around the world!

In the following, I would just like to sum up who from the DPI team is
doing what where and when as many projects have ended, new ones have
started, and locations have changed:

Dr. Brigitta Busch has finished her "Habilitation" 2004, her book was
published 2004 ("Sprachen im Disput, Drava) and she is involved, inter
alia, in the EU-project "Changing City Spaces" (co-ordinated in
Southhampton), located at DPI, Vienna. Apart from this, she is involved
in numerous language policy projects, also in South Africa.
Dr. Martina Böse is her co-researcher.

Mag. Michal Krzyzanowski is finishing his PhD thesis on "Transition in
Poland", has moved to the Linguistic Department at Lancaster University,
and has started to work on a new EU project "EMEDIATE" (co-ordinated in
Florence), apart from finishing the report and book on "The discursive
construction of European Identities" (together with Dr. Florian
Oberhuber). He is also involved in the EU project "Political Dilemmas"
(co-ordinated in Uppsala) which investigates structural discrimination
in 8 EU countries.

Mag. Katharina Köhler is part of the Austrian National Focal Point and
is continuing her work for the EUMC and RAXEN as a linguist.

Dr. Verena Krausneker is continuing her research on sign language. Her
PhD thesis was awarded a prize from South Tyrol. She is also involved in
many projects concerned with sign language and with projects on
discrimination in the NGO ZARA.

Dr. Peter Muntigl is assistant professor at the Linguistics Department
in Salzburg University. His PhD thesis has just been published 2004 with
Benjamins, in the DAPSAC series.

Dr. Florian Oberhuber is finishing the final report and book on the
"Discursive Construction of European Identities", a project funded by
the Austrian National Bank, together with Michal. This project
investigates the EU convention from a discourse-analytical and from an
ethnographic perspective.

Dr. Alexander Pollak is leading an own FWF funded project at the
Kindermuseum in Vienna, dealing with the impact of new media on
children. He was also involved in the research for the anti-Semitism
report of the EUMC.

Dr. Martin Reisigl has finished his PhD and is working on the
publication of his thesis. Moreover, he is starting a part-time
researcher job in a new FWF funded project on Doctor-Patient
Communication (headed by Florian Menz, Department of Linguistics,
Vienna). He is moving to Berlin to continue his research on Discourse

Mag. Usama Suleiman is finshing his PhD thesis on the analysis of
Arafat's speeches and their translations from a CDA perspective. He is
also the assistant editor of JLP.

Dr. Fleur Ulsamer has moved to Vorarlberg where she is teaching at
diverse adult education institutes. Moreover, she is involved, together
with Michal, in the EU project "Political Dilemmas".

Dr. Gilbert Weiss is assistant professor at the Department for Political
Sciences in Salzburg and is involved in several projects there.
Moreover, he has finished editing the correspondence of Voegelin. The
last book was published most recently 2004.

Prof. Ruth Wodak has moved to Lancaster University, Department of
Linguistics and English Language, and is holding a personal chair in
Discourse Studies. She is continuing with the focus on CDA established
there by her predecessor Prof. Norman Fairclough. She is still
supervising her PhD students in Vienna and commutes to Vienna regularly.
She is heading the  three Austrian teams of the EU projects (Dilemmas,
City Spaces and EMEDIATE)and the project on European Identities
mentioned above. Right now, she is involved in writing a new book on
"Doing Politics", a theoretical book using linguistic ethnography of
European Union organizations, as well as editing a book on "Voices of
Migrants", together with Prof. Gerard Delanty and Dr. Paul Jones from
Liverpool University (in the course of the Political Dilemma project). 

Our book series DAPSAC (together with Paul Chilton) and the two journals
Language and Politics (JLP)(with Paul Chilon, Benjamins Publishers) as
well as Critical Discourse Studies (CDS) (with Norman Fairclough, Jay
Lemke, Phil Graham, Routledge Publishers)are of course continuing.

More details and information about contacts, publications, projects and
on-going research are available under

We are always grateful for comments and feedback.

Best wishes again for 2005!
Ruth Wodak

Ruth Wodak
Department of Linguistics and English Language
Lancaster University
r.wodak at lancaster.ac.uk

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