'Racist' discourse and Press in Denmark

Mustafa Hussain mustafa.hussain at GET2NET.DK
Sat Nov 5 22:25:12 UTC 2005

Dear All

The last week a seminar announced for the journalists of Denmark arranged by the Danish Union of Journalists in collaboration with Institute of Human Rights, and backed by the European Union, in a campaign against institutional discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age and sexuality, had to be cancelled because of almost no interests from the working journalists to participate in it.


A 'good' news is though an indirect acknowlegement of the "racism" in press by the head of Danish Intelligence Bureau of Police (PET), Mr Lars Findsen, who is quoted in the news-daily, Politiken to have remarked the following:


"It is imperative that one is aware of the fact from all sides, including the press, that one 

is not demonising certain group in the country)"

And he meant that the political and media exclusionary tone and text against the minority ethnic communities can be conducive in it self in attracting terrorist activity in the country.


I am glad to convey this messages, since I find it very interesting, that the statement comes from 

a police institutions and not from an academic from universities, who can always be put in

dust-bin as "loony-leftist" or "political correct" by the same very media who are exposed to criticism by the Intelligence Authorities.

Yours Sincerely

Mustafa Hussain 

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