Fwd: [Linganth] Work on racialization, racism and languag

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>Subject: [Linganth] Work on racialization, racism and languag
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>Dear colleagues,
>If you are also on the SLA list, sorry for the cross-posting.
>I was wondering if there are people among you working
>on language and race, or racialization processes,
>looking at everyday conversations. Also, anybody
>working on racism, and on racism against immigrants.
>Right now I am in Italy doing fieldwork on these
>topics myself.
>I am thinking about organizing a panel for IPRA on
>these or related topics, so if you could be
>interested, drop me a line. Also, I was wondering who
>is working on European union in general and European
>nationalism and/or identity.
>Valentina Pagliai
>Dept. of Anthropology
>Oberlin College

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