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the first issue of SLC is now online. 

Studies in Language and Capitalism is a peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to promote and freely distribute interdisciplinary critical inquiries into the language and meaning of contemporary capitalism and the links between economic, social and linguistic change in the world around us. The journal is a project of the LNC group listserv and stems from our shared concern regarding the global spread of new economic ideologies and specifically the way that neoliberals attempt to naturalise, and hence entrench, social, political and economic inequalities. It is our hope that various groups of people will use and contribute to the journal, including: researchers analysing language in use, activists in social movements who see language use as part of their concerns, journalists concerned with language and rhetoric, and social researchers in other fields where the politics of language use is an issue.

The contents of the first issue are:

Marnie Holborow Putting the social back into language : Marx, Volosinov and Vygotsky re-examined 
Robert de Beaugrande Critical Discourse Analysis: History, Ideology, Methodology
Phil Graham 'Capitalism' as False Consciousness
Panayota Gounari Reclaiming the Language of Possibility: Beyond the Cynicism of Neoliberalism. 
Carmen Luke Eduscapes: Knowledge Capital and Cultures
Peter Ives 'Global English': Linguistic Imperialism or Practical Lingua Franca?
Adrian Blackledge 'The men say "They don't need it"'. Gender and the extension of language testing for British citizenship.
Richard Jackson Genealogy, Ideology, and Counter-Terrorism: Writing Wars on Terrorism from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush Jr.

Each article can be downloaded separately, or you can also download the complete issue as a single pdf file. 

Studies in Language and Capitalism will produce up to three issues a year and occasional issues devoted to a special topic. Persons wishing to organize a special issue are invited to submit a proposal which contains a three hundred-word description of the special issue together with a list of potential contributors and paper subjects. Proposals are to be accepted only after review by the journal editors.

For further details see:

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