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Dear friends and colleagues

I realise that my call for papers below coincides with the Stirling conference


  for which we received the call yesterday. But 
maybe some of you are more attracted to come to 
Aston in Birmingham

Call for papers

Political Discourse, Media and Translation

The Institute for the Study of Language and 
Society, Aston University and The Centre for 
Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, 
University of Warwick are organising an 
international symposium, to be held at Aston 
University, Birmingham on 17 February 2007.

This event is organised in the context of the 
AHRC funded project on The Cultural Politics and 
Economics of Language and Translation in Global 

The research for the project "Translation in 
Global News" has brought significant insights 
into the production of global news, into the 
actual practices in news agencies, television and 
newspapers, and into the role of translation in 
these contexts. As has become evident, politics 
in the widest sense is one of the most prominent 
topic areas for the production of news and their 
distribution world-wide.
The purpose of this symposium is to explore the 
role of translation in the mediation processes 
originating in political institutions. Key 
questions we want to explore are:
o	How do political institutions (national 
governments, parliaments, political parties, 
focus groups, etc) present their own political 
aims and practices to the public beyond the 
boundaries of their own countries?
o	To what extent has technology (ITC) 
changed the way these political institutions 
communicate (websites, blogs, etc.)?
o	Who produces translations of political 
speeches, political documents, press briefings?
o	Where and for whom are translations of 
such texts made available (e.g. on websites of 
political institutions, in the mass media)?
o	How are these translations (and/or 
original texts) transformed in 
recontextualisation processes from their original 
to publication in the media?
o	How do political institutions react do 
discourse produced in  other countries and 
languages about the way their own policies are 
represented by others?
This interdisciplinary conference, funded by the 
AHRC, seeks to provide an arena in which to 
discuss theoretical issues related to the role of 
translation in political institutions and the 
media. Among the speakers are Emily Apter 
(Professor of French and Comparative Literature 
at New York University), Yves Gambier (Head of 
the Centre for Translation and Interpreting at 
Turku University), and Edwin Gentzler (Director 
of the Translation Center at the University of 
Massachusetts Amherst).

We invite proposals for presentations. Please 
send a title and an abstract of approximately 500 
words by 20 January 2007 to Christina Schaeffner 
at Aston University (C.Schaeffner at

If you wish to attend the symposium, please 
complete the registration form and send it to: 
Dr. Christina Schäffner, Institute for the Study 
of Language and Society, Aston University, Aston 
Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET, UK. Email: 
c.schaeffner at

For more information on the project, please visit our website:

If you wish to attend without giving a paper, you 
are welcome as well. There will only be a fee of 
£10.00 for catering

Best wishes

Dr Christina Schaeffner
Reader  in Translation Studies
Director of Postgraduate Programmes / Director of Translation Studies
School of Languages and Social Sciences
Aston University
Aston Triangle

tel    +  44 (0)121 204  3790 (direct dial)
Fax: + 44 (0) 121 204 3766
email: C.Schaeffner at
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