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         *** FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT ***

        DeXus - Discourse Nexus 4.0 
      An international summer school 
          in discourse studies

             Invited guests: 

   Michael Bamberg, Clark University, USA
   Michelle Lazar, National University of Singapore 
   David Middleton, Loughborough University, UK
   Sigrid Norris, Georgetown University, USA

        14th - 19th August, 2006

       Centre for Discourse Studies
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

                Web site:

DeXus is the name for the Discourse Nexus summer school, which was held
very successfully for the first time in 2003 at the Centre for Discourse
Studies, Aalborg University. The code 4.0 signifies the fourth
actualisation, a progressively refined version of the summer school. DeXus
will focus on innovative research in discourse studies and its application
to a variety of settings and data sets, using a mix of lectures,
workshops, group project work and discussion sessions. 

The goal of DeXus is to create a space in which attendees - invited
guests, students, postgrads and established scholars - can discuss the
latest moves in discourse studies, apply approaches in discourse studies
to 'real world' problems, learn hands-on in a positive environment and
find new relays between academic work and social change. We have invited a
number of guests to play the role of 'wayfinders' or 'midwives'. Their job
is to provide a diverse range of resources for learning, for example to
promote discussion, to clarify methods, and to illustrate analysis. 

Following the first two days of lectures and workshops by the invited
guests, which will establish a common ground work, we concentrate over the
following days on group project work. On the last day, all groups will
come together to report on their findings, solutions and applications,
with commentary and discussion from the wayfinders. A poster session will
take place during the first day for those who wish to present their
research publicly. More details on the DeXus web site.

DeXus will interest students and scholars who work in the diverse fields
of discourse studies, particularly mediated discourse analysis, critical
discourse analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, discursive psychology,
multimodal discourse analysis, narrative inquiry, political discourse
analysis, social semiotics, practice theory, and language and gender

In relation to theorising and analysing discourse, DeXus themes this year
   * Narrative/Memory/Experience/Autobiography
   * Mediation/Modality/Action/Practice
   * Belonging/Citizenship/Linking/Relationality
   * Identity/Gender/Sexuality/'Race'/Ethnicity/Kinship
   * Habitus/Embodiment/Mediational Means/Context
   * Change/Intervention/Critique

The summer school is international and open to all researchers, PhD and
graduate students. 

For more academic information, contact the organisers:
       Paul McIlvenny or Pirkko Raudaskoski - cds at hum.aau.dk

Please register online at http://diskurs.hum.aau.dk/dexus4

The deadline for registration is 15th June 2006.

The participation fee is 3000 Danish kroner (approx. 400 Euros), which
covers administrative costs, tea/coffee and lunches every working day, and
one evening drinks reception (Monday) and one evening dinner (Thursday).
More information on the DeXus web site.

The summer school is supported by the Centre for Discourse Studies and the
Doctoral School in Human Centred Informatics at Aalborg University.


Other events in 2006 at the Centre for Discourse Studies:

Two-day research seminar: Mediated Discourse Analysis and Nexus Analysis
Seminar leaders: Ron Scollon & Suzie Scollon 
5th - 6th April 2006

Ron & Suzie Scollon lead this two-day intensive seminar for scholars and
PhD students. In a number of books and articles, the Scollons have
developed their theory of mediated discourse by examining how the broad
discourses of our social life move as specific actions and practices
through real spaces and times. Their innovative approach focuses on the
intersection of discourse and social action in order to explore how
discourse is engaged and mediated in the situated actions of social actors
in their everyday practices. In the seminar, there will be an opportunity
to engage in field projects to do with discourse in space and time. The
seminar will also include time for project presentations. 

If you would like to take part in this exciting seminar, then visit our
web site for further details:

The seminar is supported by the Centre for Discourse Studies and the
Doctoral School in Human Centred Informatics at Aalborg University.


International conference: Rhetoric in Society
21st - 24th November 2006

Plenary speakers:
  * Paul Chilton, University of East Anglia
  * Max Atkinson, Henley Management College
  * Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni, University of Lyon 2

The conference is arranged within the areas of: 
  * Rhetoric in Political Discourse
  * Rhetoric in Organisational Discourse
  * Rhetoric in Journalistic Discourse 

Contributions are welcomed on the role of rhetoric in written and oral
discourse and genres, on topics such as: public deliberation,
controversies, decision-making, spin, social change, political
campaigning, social movements, public relations, publicity, advertising,
management, corporate internal communication, computer-mediated
communication, public media discourse, etc.

If you would like to take part in this conference, then visit our web site
for further details: http://diskurs.hum.aau.dk/rhetorics2006/


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