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Mustafa Hussain mustafa.hussain at GET2NET.DK
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BladeDear Dr. Carmen,
Rikke's mail adr. is;

Rikke at and other contacts as below;
Rikke Andreassen
Blågårdsgade 11, B
2200 København N.
Tlf: 3534 3464
Mobil: 2671 7075

I know about a PhD thesis seeing its end at Sct. Diego, UCLA, by Ferruh Yilmaz and my own thesis in progress, though not in any orthodox sense of discourse analysis, but entrenched in a sociological perspective on (re)production of culture in advanced societies such as Denmark.

best regards,

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  Dear Mustafa, would it be possible to get an abstract of Rikke Andreassen's PhD- thesis? I would be interested in publishing abstracts of PhDs like this one in the Debate session of Critical Discourse Studies (Journal). If anybody from the list knows of interesting critical work (projects, PhDs, etc..), do please let me know. Cheers, Carmen Rosa

  Dr. Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard
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  Dept. of English
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  Phone 0121 414 7371
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  Dear All,

  Should some social analysts be interested to probe further into the current background behind the present crisis for the Danish society, they may gainlfully get more insight into the role of the mass media in alienating the nation into two 'blocks of culture/religion' discourse by going through  Rikke Andreassen's PhD- thesis, perhaps one of the most recent "data-base" on news-media rhetoric on Muslims and Islam in Denmark, covering both the public service and commercial media for the last 30 years.

  The gest of her thesis, as I understand, is that the way the Danish mass media construct the social realties on the dimension of gender, race, nation or sexual orientation are integrally related to a construction af self-identity as a nation and people, the Danes and Denmark. Other social scientists have called the tendency "Banale Nationalisme".

  a.. The Mass Media's Construction of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Nationality. An Analysis of the Danish News Media's Communication about Visible Minorities, Ph.d-Dissertation, University of Toronto, 2005.

  Best Wishes,


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