Another PhD on Danish society

Mustafa Hussain mustafa.hussain at GET2NET.DK
Thu Sep 7 15:50:58 UTC 2006

Dear Colleagues,

It is with such a pleasure that I allow myself to announce that my former research colleague,
Ferruh Yilmaz, has successfully defended his PhD thesis ;
Ethnicized Ontologies: From Foreign Worker to Muslim Immigrant - how Danish public discourse moved to the Right through the question of immigration. at the University of California,
San Diego.

Dr Ylimaz has had Professor Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Film and Media Studies, Copenhagen University  
as his secondary supervisor and his examination committee comprised of
Prof. Daniel Hallin on the chair, Prof. Yen Espiritu, Prof. Robert Horwitz, Prof. Ernesto Laclau, Prof. George Lipsitz and Prof. Michael Schudson. 

Although presented at faculty of Communication Sciences, yet it contains good deal of topics
concerning the Danish welfare state and policy regime on the question of immigration. The dissertation is in the process of book-publication, however, interested colleagues can obtain an electronic copy of the thesis by simply writing a mail to the undersigned. Thanks indeed. 

Best regards,
Mustafa Hussain

Ekstern Lektor / Associate Professor (eksternal)
Socialvidenskab / Dept. of Social Science,
Institute of Society & Globalisation
Roskilde University Centre
DK - 4000 Roskilde
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