The UK press and asylum seekers

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these links were brought to my attention by a colleague. They are potentially very useful for anyone researching media content on asylum seekers or related issues.

The select committee on human rights, conducting an inquiry on how asylum seekers are being treated by "the system", have decided to slightly widen their scope to include how the national press cover asylum seekers.
The transcript of the session is on the web site as are some memos from the editors attempting to outline their editorial practices.
The transcript is at: 

And the memos can be found at: 
The second one from the Daily Express - one of the more openly racist UK newspapers at present - is particularly interesting. It is also interesting to read the views of the PCC, given that they have never - that is, never - upheld a single complaint of discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnicity. See the following articles for details of this inaction: 

Frost, C. (2004), 'The Press Complaints Commission: A Study of Ten Years of Adjudications 
of Press Complaints', Journalism Studies 5:1, pp. 101-114.
Petley, J. (2006), 'Still No Redress from the PCC', in E. Poole and J. E. Richardson (eds) Muslims and the News Media, London: I.B. Tauris, pp. 53-62.

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