New Book: Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis

Christopher Hart c.hart at LANCASTER.AC.UK
Mon Jul 2 08:33:37 UTC 2007

Dear Colleagues,

For anyone who might be interested, our edited volume Cognitive 
Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis: Application and Theory has 
just been published by Cambridge Scholars Press. Contents below.

Christopher Hart and Dominik Lukes

Cognitive Linguistics in critical discourse anlaysis
Christopher Hart and Dominik Lukeš

Chapter One
Is there such a thing as a discourse history: The case of metaphor
Andreas Musolff

Chapter Two
Sculpting public opinion: Understanding the (mis)use of metaphor
in the media
Eric Johnson

Chapter Three
Crisis style or radical rhetoric? The speech by Dyab Abou Jahjah,
leader of the Arab European League
Christ’l De Landtsheer

Chapter Four
A critical cognitive study: The Egyptian written media
Mona Attia

Chapter Five
Critical Discourse Analysis and conceptualilsation: Mental spaces,
blended spaces and discourse spaces in the British National Party
Christopher Hart

Chapter Six
Doing Critical Discourse Analysis with the Contemporary Theory
of Metaphor: Towards a discourse model of metaphor
Zouhair Maalej

Chapter Seven
Casualness vs commitment: The use in Critical Discourse Analysis of
Lakoff and Johnson’s approach to metaphor
Kieran O’Halloran

Chapter Eight
What does it mean when texts “really” mean something:
Types of evidence for conceptual patterns in discourse
Dominik Lukeš

Chapter Nine
Toward a Cognitively-oriented Critical Discourse Analysis:
Framing, construal and violence-related emotional meaning
Jesús-M. Sánchez-García

Chapter Ten
Frames and Critical Discourse Analysis in violence-related
emotive event analysis
Jesús-M. Sánchez-García and Olga Blanco-Carrión

Christopher Hart
Lecturer in English Language and Communication
School of Humanities
University of Hertfordshire

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