CFP: Interact 2007 workshop on Facing Emotions: Responsible Experiential Design

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Note: This CFP is from the agent abuse group. We actively
solicit papers from the arts and humanities regarding
human computer interaction design and have published many
papers where the focus stems from these areas.

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Interact 2007 workshop on Facing Emotions: Responsible Experiential Design
September 10-11, 2007 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

:: About
This Interact 2007 workshop builds on previous reflections on negative emotions in computing and their behavioral consequences (see for previous workshop proceedings). 

Our current aim is to set the foundation for a more encompassing agenda for user experience research, one which takes into account negative (as well as positive) emotions and user instincts and vulnerabilities (as well as virtues and abilities). 

This knowledge is instrumental in informing responsible interface design. 

:: Papers
We are seeking the following types of papers:
1. Position Papers (4 pages) that report on experiences, theories, case studies, and experiments; 

2. Theoretical Papers (4 pages) that discuss cultural, artistic, political, and philosophical issues; 

3. Demo Submissions (4 pages); 

4. Poster Submissions (1 page, text and/or graphic). 

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:
1. Theories of user emotions in computing and interface design. 

2. User models that encompass the negative attributes of users. 

3. Methods for curtailing deviant user behaviors (flaming and disinhibition) while encouraging the creative misuse of technology.

4. Ethical principles for user research.

5. Determinants and correlates of end user frustration.

6. Potential harm to users in apparently harmless interface designs.

7. Ethics and technologies for enforcing responsible interface design.

8. Consequences of technological over-dependence and emotional dependence.

9. Social, psychological, and cultural concerns with emotional computing

:: Formatting Instructions:
Position and theoretical papers as well as demo submissions will be peer reviewed and should be formatted according to the LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) format. Templates are available at Springer-Verlag LNCS Authors’ Instructions page and the Interact 2007 Submission page. 

Submission Instructions:
Please e-mail your submission in RTF format to 
sbrahnam (*) facescience (.) org 

:: Dates
July 6: Submission

July 20: Notification of acceptance

July 26: Camera ready copies

September 10-11: workshop 

:: Contact
Please email both of us

Antonella De Angeli (*) manchester (.) ac (.) uk 
Sheryl Brahnam
sbrahnam (*) facescience (.) org 

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