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We are very pleased to announce that Issue 2(1) of Studies in Language and Capitalism is now online. 
SLC is a peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to promote and freely distribute interdisciplinary critical inquiries into the language and meaning of contemporary capitalism, and the links between economic, social and linguistic change in the world around us. 
Though language is foregrounded in our title, SLC is equally interested in presenting research that addresses the role semiosis in general plays in making capitalism meaningful. Further, SLC will not limit itself to the economic field. We are also interested in publishing work that examines the ramifications of capitalism in fields such as culture, the mass media, education, politics (both national and international), public and civil society, and in relation to structured social inequalities on the basis of nationality, 'race', religion, gender and sexuality.
We are now taking submissions for the next issue. 

Niamh Hennessy
The Janus-Face of Language: Reification in the Work of Habermas and the Bakhtin Circle (p.1)

Isabela Ietcu-Fairclough
Populism and the Romanian 'Orange Revolution': A Discourse-Analytical Perspective on the Presidential Election of December 2004 (p.31)

Camelia Suleiman and Daniel C. O'Connell
Bill Clinton on the Middle East: Perspective in Media Interviews (p.75)

Lisa Perks 
The Nouveau Reach: Ideologies of Class and Consumerism in Reality-Based Television (p.101)

Christof Demont-Heinrich
The Ideological Construction of the Juggernaut of English: A Critical Analysis of American Prestige Press Coverage of the Globalisation of Language (p.119)

Kanchhedia Chamaar
A Resolutely Uncivilized Colonial Bumps into Postcolonialism (p.145)

Andrew Sola
The Pocket Idiot's Guide to War-Profiteering in Iraq (p.155)

John E Richardson, Loughborough University, UK 
Ian Roderick, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 
Katie Weir, Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

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