Labour's war on poor migrants continues

J.E.Richardson J.E.Richardson at LBORO.AC.UK
Wed Feb 20 18:52:43 UTC 2008

Dear all,
(apologies for crossposting)

the New Labour party have just announced their latest 
attack on UK migrants, particularly the poorest. We can do 
something about this, as it's still in the Green Paper 

A typically uncritical report here by the Grauniad:

and a 'how will it work in practice?' follow up, for 
middle class lovers of bureaucratic procedure:

This passage I found particularly illuminating:
'Due to growing public concern [-that is, racism...] about 
the impact on local services caused by migration, 
newcomers will see certain fees for immigration
applications increased.
The amount will vary, with migrants who
tend to consume more in public services – such as those 
with children
and elderly relatives [oh, and the poor too] – paying 

The Government's propaganda arm - 'GNN' - says the 
following about the 'radical changes':

And here is the offending document itself:

You'll notice that there is the opportunity to respond - 
please download the consultation document and voice your 
protests. While I am realistic about the likelihood our 
objections will do anything to change the direction of 
this Government and its racist social policy, I know that 
doing nothing will result in nothing.
We have until May 14th.

many thanks & best wishes

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