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Dear colleagues,

The titles below are currently available for review in Discourse and Society
and/or Discourse Studies and/or Discourse and Communication. If you are
interested in serving as a reviewer, pls contact the book review editor at
ingrid.piller at with the title/s you are interested in, your full
postal address, and a *brief* description of your qualifications, research
interests and fields of expertise.

The following points might help you in your decision whether or not to offer
to review books in your field of expertise:

*Book reviewing is an important service to the academic community.

*Your review should normally reach me within three months of your receipt of
the book. 

*The normal length of a book review in our journals is 1,000 words. Your
review should provide an overview of the contents of the book as well
as a well-argued judgment regarding its place in the field and its likely
importance to the readers of our journals. Mere content summaries are

*Further information about each journal is available at these websites:;; 

*Your review will normally be published within twelve months after
acceptance of your manuscript. Following publication of the issue which
contains your review, you will receive an electronic offprint in pdf-format.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes,

Azuelos-Atias, S. (2007). A pragmatic analysis of legal proofs of criminal
intent. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing.
Bang, H., & Esmark, A. (Eds.). (2007). New publics with/out democracy.
Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur Press/NORDICOM.
Bhatia, V. K., et al. (Eds.). (2008). Legal discourses across cultures and
systems. Aberdeen: Hong Kong University Press.
Carlsson, U., & Helland, K. (Eds.). (2007). Media structures and practices.
As time goes by: Studies and reflections from a scandinavian horizon.
Goteborg: Nordicom Review.
Carpentier, N. (Ed.). (2007). Culture, trauma, and conflict: Cultural
studies perspectives on war. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Carpentier, N., & Cleen, B. D. (Eds.). (2008). Participation and media
production: Critical reflections on content creation. Newcastle: Cambridge
Chabrol, C., & Olry-Louis, I. (Eds.). (2007). Interactions communicatives et
psychologie. Paris: Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle.
Chapman, S. (2008). Language and empiricism after the vienna circle.
Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
Cinar, A., & Bender, T. (Eds.). (2007). Urban imaginaries: Locating the
modern city. Minneapolis, London: University of Minnesota Press.
Dailey, W. O., et al. (2008). Politeness in presidential debates: Shaping
political face in campaign debates from 1960-2004. New York, Toronto,
Plymouth: Rowman & Littlefield.
Diedrich, L. (2007). Treatments: Language, politics, and the culture of
illness. Minneapolis, London: University of Minesota Press.
Duck, S. (2007). Human relationships, fourth edition. Los Angeles, London,
New Delhi, Singapore: SAGE Publications.
Duits, L. (2008). Multi - girl - culture: An ethnography of doing identity.
Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
Ekstrom, K. M., & Tufte, B. (Eds.). (2007). Children, media and consumption:
On the front edge. Goteborg: Nordicom Goteborg University.
Fellbaum, C. (Ed.). (2007). Idioms and collocations: Corpus-based
linguistics and lexicographic studies. London, New York: Continuum.
Ford, C. E. (2008). Women speaking up: Getting and using turns in workplace
meetings. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
Freitas, E. S. L. (2008). Taboo in advertising. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Galasinski, D. (2008). Men's discourses of depression. Hampshire: Palgrave
Gonzalez, M. D. L. A. G., et al. (Eds.). (2008). Languages and cultures in
contrast and comparison. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Grein, M., & Weigand, E. (Eds.). (2007). Dialogue and culture. Amsterdam:
John Benjamins.
Hansen, H. K., & Salskov-Iversen, D. (Eds.). (2008). Critical perspectives
on private authority in global politics. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Harrington, K., et al. (Eds.). (2008). Gender and language research
methodologies. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
Heer, H., et al. (Eds.). (2008). The discursive construction of history:
Remembering the wehrmacht's war of annihilation. Hampshire: Palgrave
Heyd, T. (2008). Email hoaxes: Form, function, genre ecology. Amsterdam:
John Benjamins.
Hoijer, B. (Ed.). (2007). Ideological horizons in media and citizen
discourses: Theoretical and methodological approaches. Goteborg: Nordicom.
Hübler, A. (2007). The nonverbal shift in early modern english conversation.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Hutchby, I. (2007). The discourse of child counselling. Amsterdam,
Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing.
Hutchby, I., & Wooffitt, R. (2008). Conversation analysis (2nd ed.).
Cambridge: Polity.
Jackson, H., & Amvela, E. Z. (2007). Words, meaning and vocabulary: An
introduction to modern english lexicology, second edition. New York:
Jenkins, R. (2008). Rethinking ethnicity: Arguments and explorations (Second
ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE.
Johnson, S., & Ensslin, A. (Eds.). (2007). Language in the media. London,
New York: Continuum.
Kahane, G., et al. (Eds.). (2007). Wittgenstein and his interpreters.
Malden, Oxford, Carlton: Blackwell.
Koepnick, L. (2007). Framing attention: Windows on modern german culture.
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
Liddicoat, A. J. (2007). An introduction to conversation analysis. London:
Lytra, V. (2007). Play frames and social identies: Contact encounters in a
greek primary school. Amsterdam John Benjamins.
Mcnally, L., & Kennedy, C. (Eds.). (2008). Adjectives and adverbs: Syntax,
semantics and discourse. New York: Oxford University Press.
Mcnamara, T., & Roever, C. (2006). Language testing: The social dimension.
Malden: Blackwell.
Meyer, A. (2007). The child at risk: Paedophiles, media responses and public
opinion. Manchester, New York: Manchester.
Millar, S., & Wilson, J. (Eds.). (2007). The discourse of europe: Talk and
text in everyday life. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
Moirand, S. (2007). Les discours de la presse quotidienne: Observer,
analyser, comprendre. Paris: Presses Universitaire de France.
Moon, C. (2008). Narrating political reconciliation: South africa's truth
and reconciliation commision. Lanham: Lexington Books.
Mullany, L. (2007). Gendered discourse in the professional workplace.
Hampshire, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Mundy, J. (2007). The british musical film. Manchester, New York: Manchester
University Press.
Oakley, T., & Hougaard, A. (Eds.). (2008). Mental spaces in discourse and
interaction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Pavarala, V., & Malik, K. K. (2007). Other voices: The struggle for
community radio in india. Los Angeles: SAGE.
Pegley, K. (2008). Coming to you wherever you are: Muchmusic, mtv, and youth
identities. Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press.
Price, S. (2007). Discourse power address: The politics of public
communication. Hampshire: Ashgate.
Sadler, M. (2007). Grammer in use across time and space: Deconstruction the
japanese 'dative subject' construction. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John
Benjamins Publishing Company.
Safouan, M. (2007). Why are the arabs not free? - the politics of writing.
Malden: Blackwell Publishing.
Scheuer, J. (2008). The big picture: Why democracies need journalistic
excellence. New York, London: Routledge.
Schneider, K. P., & Barron, A. (Eds.). (2008). Variational pragmatics.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Shapiro, I. (2007). Containment: Building a strategy against global terror.
Princeton, Oxford: Princeton University Press.
Sheridan-Rabideau, M. P. (2008). Girls, feminism, and grassroots literacies:
Activism in th girlzone. Albany NY: University of New York Press.
Silva, D. F. D. (2007). Toward a global idea of race. Minneapolis, London:
University of Minnesota Press.
Storsul, T., & Stuedahl, D. (Eds.). (2007). Ambivalence towards convergence:
Digitilization and media change. Goteborg: NORDICOM.
Sunderland, P. L., & Denny, R. M. (2007). Doing anthropology in consumer
research. California: Left Coast Press.
Ten Have, P. (2007). Doing conversation analysis: A practical guide (2nd
ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE.
Thussu, D. K. (2007). News as entertainment: The rise of global
infotainment. Los Angeles: SAGE.
Verdoolaege, A. (2008). Reconciliation discourse: The case of the truth and
reconciliation commission. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Wang, W. (2007). Newspaper commentaries in china and australia: A
contrastive genre study. Saarbrucken: VDM Vergal Dr. Muller.
Wodak, R., & Krzyzanowski, M. (Eds.). (2008). Qualitative discourse analysis
in the social sciences. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

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