DeXusChange 2009: summer school on discourse and social justice

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         *** FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT ***

  DeXusChange 2009: Shaping Discourse to Come!

   An Alternative, International Summer School
       on Discourse and Social Justice

            Invited guests:

   Anabela Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal
   Lawrence Frey, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
   Shi-xu, Zhejiang University, China
   Thomas Tufte, Roskilde University, Denmark

        17th - 22nd August, 2009

       Centre for Discourse Studies
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

                Web site:

The recent emergence of a set of interlocking global crises -- including
climate, energy, food, water, finance -- demands a renewed
interdisciplinary effort to understand how to mediate the future, the past
and the present in ways that attend to equity, justice and rights. The aim
of this summer school is to bring together people investigating and
promoting social change and transformation with an explicit focus on the
role of discourse in shaping a just future (and the past). Discourse is
understood as encompassing an interdisciplinary perspective on text, talk,
discourse, genre, narrative, archive, document, image and rhetoric in all
their modal, social and cultural forms, not only in terms of
representation but also action and practice.

Themes within the interdisciplinary focus of the summer school will
include the following clusters:

* Discourse/Style/Genre/Semiotics/Rhetorics
* Mediation/Modality/Action/Practice
* History/Narrative/Memory/Experience
* Change/Intervention/Critique/Social Justice
* Rights/Ethics/Care/Hope
* Suffering/Risk
* Identity/Gender/'Race'/Ethnicity/Kinship
* Belonging/Citizenship/Linking/Relationality
* Nature/Environment/Habitus/Context
* Interaction/Technology/Artefact
* Structure/Ordering/Organisation/Governance
* Space/Movement/Mobility/Flow/Scale

DeXusChange will interest students and scholars who work in the diverse
fields of discourse studies, communication studies, development studies,
globalisation studies, media studies, political science, sociology,
history, anthropology, international studies, social movement studies,
communication activism, participatory communication, critical journalism
studies, action research, and human-centred communication and informatics.

DeXusChange 2009 draws upon the innovative pedagogical tradition at
Aalborg University to experiment with a problem-based, project-centred
research summer school for doctoral students and scholars who are engaged
in interdisciplinary studies. Following on from the successful "DeXus:
Discourse Nexus" summer school series 2003-2006, the core concept in
DeXusChange is the free play of ideas within the thematic context of
group-derived problems and reflexive project work developed during the six
fruitful days of the summer school.

Following the first two days of lectures and workshops by the invited
guests, which will establish a common ground work, we concentrate over the
following days on group project work. On the last day, all groups will
come together to report on their findings, solutions and applications,
with commentary and discussion from the guests and wayfinders. A poster
session will take place during the first day for those who wish to present
their research publicly. More details on the DeXusChange web site:

The summer school is international and open to researchers, doctoral and
graduate students. Please apply online at

For more academic information, contact the organisers:
    DeXusChange Collective - dxc2009 (at) hum (dot) aau (dot) dk

The deadline for applying is 29th May 2009. The participation fee payment
deadline is 15th June 2009.

The participation fee is 3500 Danish kroner (approx. 450 Euros), which
covers administrative costs, tea/coffee and lunches every working day, one
evening drinks reception (Monday) and one evening dinner (Thursday). More
information on the web site. If you are enrolled as a doctoral student at
a Danish University, then please see the web site for specific
instructions. One free scholarship will be given to a qualified student
from the Global South. Please see the website for more information about
how to apply.

Warm regards, DeXusChange Collective
Ben Dorfman
Oscar Garcia
Inger Lassen
Paul McIlvenny
Pirkko Raudaskoski

The DeXusChange summer school is supported by the Centre for Discourse
Studies, the Doctoral Programme in Discourse and Contemporary Culture, the
Human-Centred Communication and Informatics Doctoral Programme, and the
Department of Language and Culture at Aalborg University.


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