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James Martin james.martin at USYD.EDU.AU
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> Dear Colleagues, I am sending this message bringing bad news to two
> mailing lists which I maintain here at Aalborg University, one for the
> Centre for Discourse Studies and the other for the PlaceME research
> network which I coordinate. The reason is that one of our most frequent
> and warmly welcomed guests at our seminars and workshops, namely Ron
> Scollon, has died. He passed away peacefully on New Year's Day at his home
> in Seattle with his wife Suzie and family. He died from kidney cancer,
> which he had been suffering from for over a year.
> Many of you have been to our workshops, seminars and summer schools since
> 2002, and you may have met him at one of those events. Some of you know
> him very well. Ron was an inspirational scholar and a passionate teacher.
> His research production, often with Suzie Scollon, in the last ten years
> was not only phenomenal, but also from book to book the ideas flowed
> spectacularly in innovative directions. He was never content to cling to
> one idea; he ceaselessly refined it and modified it. For example, he
> developed new approaches to analysing discourse and mediated action
> ranging from mediated discourse analysis to discourses in place to nexus
> analysis to public consultative discourse analysis to the most recent
> geographies of discourse. Too fast for many of us to keep up!
> I owe a great debt to his work and ideas and friendship. And to his
> political commentaries and sense of social justice. He has undoubtedly
> left a powerful legacy in discourse studies that has yet to be fully
> explored. He was far ahead of his time, but unfortunately time caught up
> with him in the end.
> Best wishes for this coming year. Let's hope it brightens up from this
> gloomy beginning.
> paul
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