Proposition query

Alon Lischinsky alischinsky at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 26 09:53:11 UTC 2009


You wrote:

> In everyday language, a proposition is at least a sentence, and this is my lower limit as well.
> Intuitively I don't conceive of a noun phrase as a proposition.
> Variants of the same proposition should in some sense have the same truth values, and an
> NP doesn't have truth values.

I don't think everyday language has any definite notion of what a
proposition is. The concept is hard enough to pin down within the
clear limits of a philosophical or linguistic theory.

In any case, an NP may not have a truth value as such, but it may
entail presuppositions that do. Sorting out this issue would be an
essential first step in clarifying your differences with Tahir.
Although, in any case, I believe the use of truth values for
linguistic analysis is quite limited at best



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