Restorative Justice conference

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Call for Papers

The Challenges, Promises and Processes of New Paradigm

A conference on Language, Law and Social Justice co-presented by the
Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association and the Sydney
Institute of Criminology. 7th-9th December 2009, Sydney Law School,
University of Sydney.

Governments around the world are actively experimenting with new ways of
doing justice. Family group Œconferencing¹, circle sentencing, native title
tribunals, land rights claims, truth commissions‹all in various ways attempt
to deliver a better quality of justice for those most immediately affected
by a crime and to redress the disadvantages that certain social groups have
historically experienced before the law. How are acts of repair and
reconciliation negotiated in the fine detail of such processes? How do they
compare to more familiar genres of police work and legal-judicial practice?
Where does the vision of restorative justice begin and end?

Keynote Speakers: John Braithwaite (ARC Federation Fellow, Australian
National University); Diana Eades (School of Behavioural, Cognitive and
Social Sciences, University of New England); Peter Gray (Judge, Federal
Court of Australia); Frances Rock (School of English Communication and
Philosophy, Cardiff University); Julie Stubbs (Professor of Criminology,
University of Sydney)

For more information on submitting a proposal and to register, please go to
the conference website: 
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