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ESA Midterm Conference -  



Innovating Qualitative Research:
Challenges and Opportunities

New Directions in Religion, Technology, Migration and Beyond

European Sociological Association
Research Network 20 Qualitative Methods

Midterm Conference 2010
University Bayreuth, September 20-22


Over the past decades, qualitative research has repositioned itself within the discipline of sociology. Qualitative methods have succeeded in overcoming their marginalization, and it can even be claimed that qualitative research has attained a privileged position. Today, a large variety of qualitative methods are used in a broad range of research areas. The growth and success of qualitative research deliver new challenges as well as new opportunities. Consequently, the mid-term conference of the ESA Research Network 20 focuses on vital questions related to the future of qualitative methods in European sociology as well as neighboring disciplines. The discussion includes questions concerning methodological innovations and the contributions of qualitative methods to both substantive areas of research and sociological theory. The goal is to further establish and promote qualitative methods within an emerging European research realm while fostering exchange with researchers and scholarly networks in other world regions.


Renowned international scholars will discuss the following questions in a symposium: <>  How can qualitative methods respond to the challenges of an emerging European research realm? Is there a uniquely European qualitative methodology? How can we strengthen the connections between methodological and substantive inquiry?

Thematic Sessions

We invite all interested researchers to participate in a series of thematic sessions <>  which serve to identify innovations and challenges in qualitative research within specific research areas, including religion, technology and migration. 

The overall goal of the conference is to gather European scholars and students from different fields and perspectives to examine and promote qualitative research in the social sciences.


The conference ist promoted by

Logo Formig <>  logo_stmwfk <> 

Bigsas <> 

Research Network Qualitative Methods <>  (DGS)

Sektionslogo-Qualis <> 

Research Network Science and Technology Studies <>  (DGS)

Research Network Sociology of Knowledge <>  (DGS)

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