Danish journalism and their 'muslim' adversaries

Mustafa Hussain mustafa.hussain at WEBSPEED.DK
Mon Aug 23 21:41:46 UTC 2010

Dear  Mr. Aidan White/ 
The secretary general of International Federation of Journalists, Brussels,

I would very much like to draw your attention to the following bulettine in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's (DR) prime-time news at 18:30 of the day today (23.09.2010) and will request your good people to scrutinize, how much is there any hard evidence for the topic in the report of  Danmarks Radio' TV-news (molestration of children and sexual rapes and harassment of women) in this more than a 7 minuttes reportage on Pakistan and the flood-victims (out of a total time of news about 25 minutes) The  reportage is built on fictious evidence and expanded with duration timewise on the screen rehtorically to provide the dramtic and sensations on rapes and child-abuse, utilising and manipulating expert interviews who are talking about Haiti disaster, and Uganda, not particularly about situation on earth in Pakistan. Is anyone reponsible for journalism's ethic today as a sobre profession? I can understand that under such cricumstances there will always some elements in any society (like some Danes who helped some Jews under the Nazi occupation to escape to Sweden for monetary gains) but is the greatest problem in Pakistan in helping the victims as Danmark Radio wants us to believe through this misnomer of journalism as highlighted in the news relay when families are sitting and eating there dinners in Denmark and listening to this rubbish? I intend to recommend this bulettine as a living example of embedded interest in modern journalism - and its manipulations- to all the possible coming students who are curious about the world and its health.
Would you call this news-story, which in my view is an obnoxious propaganda,  a professional journalism and the right for fee-expression? I doubt, hopefully, Check it please and make me feel that I breath air in a better part of world, when it comes to free-expression and media-freedom.
Best regards
Mustafa Hussain
Lucturer in sociology, Roskilde University, Denmark
Ad hoc, Consultant, Open Society Institute┬Ęs project, At Home in Europe - Muslims in the EU- Cities. 
Knastebakken 151.st
2750 Ballerup
Home: +45 44660171

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