Journal of Multicultural Discourses (forthcoming special issue)

Shi-xu (Zhejiang U, Hangzhou, China) xshi at ZJU.EDU.CN
Fri Jun 18 08:17:49 UTC 2010

Shi-xu, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Multicultural Discourses, would like to 
announce the forthcoming special issue (5:2): African Realities of Language 
and Communication in Multicultural Settings, guest-edited by K.K. Prah, with 
the following papers:
1)	Prah, Kwesi Kwaa:  Introduction: African Languages and Their 
Usages in Multicultural Landscapes	 
2)	Chebanne, Andy: The Khoisan in Botswana - Can multicultural 
discourses redeem them?	
3)	Banda, Felix: Style, repertoire and identities in Zambian multilingual 
4)	Lubinda, John: Promoting  multiculturalism  and  intercultural  
dialogue  through  institutions  and  initiatives of civil  society organizations  
in  Botswana	
5)	Nkolola-Wakumelo, Mildred: The Discourse of Call Boys and Minibus 
Conductors in Zambia: A Hybrid Sociolect of Identity	
6)	Prah, Kwesi Kwaa: Multilingualism in Urban Africa; Bane or Blessing 	
7)	Magwa, Wiseman: Revisiting the language question in Zimbabwe: A 
multilingual approach to the language in education policy	
8)	Ngunga, Armindo: Monolingual education in a multilingual setting: The 
case of Mozambique	

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