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Announcing new

MA in Discourse Studies


Enquiries: Marjorie Wood (m.f.wood at 




This new programme builds on Lancaster's internationally recognised
strengths in the field of discourse studies. 

Within this field Lancaster is best-known for its distinctive approaches
to pragmatics, stylistics, and critical discourse analysis, due to the
teaching involvement of Ruth Wodak, Greg Myers, Elena Semino and
Veronika Koller.


The degree is specifically designed to give you the competence to
undertake empirical work in discourse studies which draws on both
linguistic and social theory.


The scheme will help you to realise your potential, whether you are
studying for personal development, further academic study, or employment
in a broad range of areas, including teaching in the UK and abroad,
research, publishing and the media.



The programme seeks to provide extensive and up-to-date knowledge and
understanding of:


    * the structure of discourse and text at all linguistic levels

    * the uses of genres and argumentative as well as rhetorical

    * the social theories of discourse

    * the national, regional and global varieties of genres and texts

    * the patterns of discourse, including their variation across
speech, image, and writing, various media, etc.

    * the interdisciplinary application of discourse analysis.




You take six courses for credit (three in each term) and can audit one
module per term (i.e. actively attend the module but not submit any work
for assessment).


In addition, you are required to attend the non-credit module on
Research Methods in Linguistics and English Language, which provides an
essential grounding in the research skills you will be using in the
programme. You are also strongly encouraged to attend the non-credit
Postgraduate Academic Study Skills module, which helps you to become
familiar with and get the best out of the study techniques the programme

Employment prospects


The scheme paves the way for employment in a broad range of areas,
including teaching in the UK and abroad, research, publishing and the


Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University,
LA1 4YL, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1524 593045 Fax: +44 (0) 1524 843085 E-mail:
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